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Leibowitz, Garraway and Farmer presentation at ICED Conference, Stockholm, June 2014


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Leibowitz, Garraway and Farmer made a presentation based on their biographies and the relationship with their present academic professional work.

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Leibowitz, Garraway and Farmer presentation at ICED Conference, Stockholm, June 2014

  1. 1. Values, Concerns and Identity in Academic Development ICED, Stockholm, 2014 Brenda Leibowitz James Garraway Jean Farmer
  2. 2. ' .... there was a great silence about our political situations and struggles ... yet they are deeply part of the relations that constitute us as persons, teachers and researchers. At the same time they constitute the world as the historical process of which our endeavours, and we ourselves, happen to be part'. (Lave, 2012: 158)
  3. 3. Research Design Three of us wrote our stories according to three periods: 1970 - 80s apartheid; youth Post 1994 democracy; ngo/early professional 2010 neo-liberalism/late professional Priscilla, Marcus and Joan Themes emerged, based on conceptual framework
  4. 4. Conceptual Framework Interplay of structure, culture and agency Reflexivity mediates agency and structure Significance of concerns and commitments (Margaret Archer) Iterations, spiralling Multiple determination (Dave Elder-Vass) Trajectories Stances (Ole Dreier)
  5. 5. Emerging Themes • Reflexivity • Sense of self • Role of participation • Constraints and enablements
  6. 6. We bring our past along into the present either consciously or subconsciously, unwillingly or willingly.
  7. 7. Closing • All that the stories do is to explicate how having been in the struggle may make the values base and make clearer the set of assumptions we work with in AD. • The implication of this is that it may be beneficial for academic developers to undertake introspective and retrospective journeys, especially if they are in a position to reflect on these in the company of others.