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A Season of Urban Vignettes Is a collaborative visual-based blog capturing ways in which people experience and engage with city life through photos, illustrations and words. As a contributor, I was asked to showcase -across the globe what it means to live and make sense of the cities we call home; in my case now, Lisbon, Portugal.

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Urban Vignettes Writing

  1. 1. A SEASON OF URBANVIGNETTESINAUGURAL SEASON:EVERYDAY LIVING IN THE CITYa collaborative visual-based blog: lenniearaujo
  2. 2. By: Lennie Araujo.Lisbon, Unusual City. A very beautiful, charming and unusual city; I am anobserver: an urban observer....http://urbanvignettes.com/introductory/510/EuropeIntroductory Post: Lisboa, Cidade Insólita
  3. 3. By Lennie Araujo.Comida Lisboeta – Lisbon’s Food As a relatively small country, Portugal has asurprisingly large variety of great...http://urbanvignettes.com/weekly-themed-posts/food/4979/We Are Sinners. But We Have Sardines!
  4. 4. By Lennie Araujo.Sometimes nicknamed Rainha do Mar (Queen of the Sea), Lisbon isintrinsically connected to water. It lies in...http://urbanvignettes.com/weekly-themed-posts/water/4697/Lisbon, Where the Land Ends and the SeaBegins
  5. 5. By Lennie Araujo.“Something good is going to happen. The optimists are around.” Lisbon’s urbanform, a matter of...http://urbanvignettes.com/weekly-themed-posts/renewal/4507/Lisbon Renewal
  6. 6. By Lennie Araujo.Young people in Lisbon enjoy healthy and vibrant urban lifestyles, but as aresult of economic and cultural... http://urbanvignettes.com/weekly-themed-posts/youth-weekly-themed-posts/4345/On being young (or young at heart) in Lisbon
  7. 7. By Lennie Araujo.Lisboa é Muito Boa! (Lisbon is very good!). In recent decades Lisbon…http://urbanvignettes.com/weekly-themed-posts/diversity/4196/Lisbon DiverCity
  8. 8. By Lennie Araujo.We seem as a species to be driven by a desire to make meanings:...http://urbanvignettes.com/weekly-themed-posts/signs/3831/Signs of a City: A Day-to-Day Observation inLisbon
  9. 9. By Lennie Araujo.Walking around Lisbon can seem a daunting visual experience; this city isa feast for the eyes.... http://urbanvignettes.com/weekly-themed-posts/hope/3531/Lisbon Dreamers
  10. 10. By Lennie Araujo.As time goes by, I’ve become more aware of sounds around me that arequintessentially Lisbon. This is a busy town…http://urbanvignettes.com/weekly-themed-posts/sounds/3116/Sounds of Lisbon
  11. 11. By Lennie Araujo.I heard that Lisbon, with its amazing beaches, casinos and location, was ahaven for many wanting to...http://urbanvignettes.com/weekly-themed-posts/psst/2589/Psst...! Hidden (And Not So Hidden) Lisbon
  12. 12. By Lennie Araujo.In search of an exhibit at a nearby Museum I happened, by accident...http://urbanvignettes.com/europe/2133/The Thieves Market, Lisbon
  13. 13. By Lennie Araujo.Summer means festivals in Portugal. From May to October the wholecountry...http://urbanvignettes.com/weekly-themed-posts/festivity-posts/1654/The Lisbon Festivals!
  14. 14. By Lennie Araujo.One of the reasons Lisbon stimulates me is how...http://urbanvignettes.com/weekly-themed-posts/mobility-posts/1096/Lisbon Moves You, Re-energizes You
  15. 15. This is a collaborative visual-based blog capturing the different ways people experience,negotiate and engage with city life as the world undergoes the largest wave of urban growth inhistory. Through photos, illustrations, visuals and words, our contributors showcase across theglobe what it means to live and make sense of the cities they call home. The project is supportedby urban@lse and is run by a group of postgraduate students at the London School ofEconomics and Political Science (LSE).A Season of Urban Vignettes – Everyday Living inThe City