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Portugal finland final


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Portugal finland final

  1. 1. What do you know about Portugal???
  2. 2. Where is Portugal???
  3. 3. We are here! Portugal is here!
  4. 4. Despite small, Portugal presents great inner differences The north was colonized by Celts and Nordic people. The south was colonized by the Muslims (the Arabs). And we also have been colonized by the Romans. So, we are a mixed people.
  5. 5. This is our first text written in Portuguese. It’s a text about economic issues. Always the economy!!!!!
  6. 6. Lisbon 25th April Bridge, Lisbon. Lisbon is the capital city of Portugal
  7. 7. 25th April is an important date for all the Portuguese people In this day, in 1974, there was a revolution. We turned into a democracy. The red carnation was the symbol of this revolution.
  8. 8. Lisbon – Some monuments “Mosteiro dos Jerónimos” “Torre de Belém” “Monumento dos Descobrimentos” “Cristo Rei”
  9. 9. The Barcelos cock The legend of the Barcelos cock narrates the miraculous intervention of a dead cock in the proof of the innocence of a man that was wrongly accused. This cock became one of our symbols.
  10. 10. Port wine This wine is only produced in the Douro Valley. This is one of the best products we export all over the world!
  11. 11. Douro Valley River Douro vineyard This place is in the northeast of Portugal.
  12. 12. Douro Valley Cruises in Douro Rabelo boats
  13. 13. Portugal has fantastic beaches! Algarve, south of Portugal. Barra, Aveiro. Centre of the country. Figueira da Foz, the queen of the beaches!
  14. 14. Typical Portuguese Food Pastéis de Nata Egg candies Portuguese «Cozido» Cod fish There are 1000 ways of cooking cod fish. Sardines Ovos Moles
  15. 15. Moliceiro from Aveiro  It was a long boat used to collect moliço and transport it to the fields. The moliço was used to fertilize land.
  16. 16. Portugal is known as the three “f” country Fado, Fátima and Football… Don’t laugh!
  17. 17. FADO Fado is a musical style from Coimbra and Lisbon.
  18. 18. A Guitarra portuguesa (the Portuguese guitar) It´s funny that the “guitarra portuguesa” was invented in England in the eighteenth century. It derived from cistre. Cistre English guitar
  19. 19. Fadistas (fado players and singers) Carlos Paredes Mariza José Afonso
  20. 20. Catholic religion Fátima is a very famous pilgrimage place located in Portugal.
  21. 21. Futebol = football Eusébio was one of the best football players all over the world. Unfortunately, he died last January.
  22. 22. Ronaldo and Mourinho are two other ambassadors. Ronaldo won the FIFA Golden Ball 2013 Mourinho is one of the best coaches in the world.
  23. 23. Christmas Festivals This is the family ritual. People gather and pass a nice time. Probably this sounds like your Christmas. The Christmas tree in Lisbon This is the time to enjoy some traditional food: Baked cod, rice pudding, king-cake (“bolo-rei”).
  24. 24. Carnival Festival One of our traditions is carnival. These are caretos.
  25. 25. Typical Portuguese houses “Palheiros”: fishermen houses from Aveiro Houses from Santana, Madeira Alentejo houses (south of Portugal) Tile homes, Aveiro Stone houses from Beira Interior Stone houses from Beira Alta
  26. 26. The highest point in Portugal Serra da Estrela, 1993 mt. The tower is 7 mt high, so it is 2000 mt total.
  27. 27. History D. Henrique, the major driver of the discoveries The biggest Portuguese contribute to mankind was internet (the ocean internet!).
  28. 28. Writers Luís de Camões, one of the best writers in the world. A kind of Shakespeare!! Fernando Pessoa, the poet from Lisbon. José Saramago, our Nobel prize.
  29. 29. About Portalegre
  30. 30. Where is Portalegre? We are from Portalegre, in Portugal. Our city is in the centre of the country, near the Spanish border.
  31. 31. Important places “Castelo de Portalegre” “Sé Catedral” “Fábrica Robinson” “Mosteiro de S. Bernardo”
  32. 32. José Régio José Régio was a famous poet who lived in Portalegre. Our school received his name to honour him.
  33. 33. Our school  Escola Básica 2,3 José Régio in Portalegre is a middle school. We have a total of 72 teachers and 483 students.  The school is situated in Alentejo Region, a disadvantaged agricultural area in central part of the country.
  34. 34. Our school  We believe it is essential that we all co- operate as European citizens and share good practice for the benefit of our children who are growing up in an ever changing world.
  35. 35. Our school This is our school: E. B. 2, 3 José Régio Portalegre.
  36. 36. The End Portugal is a beautiful country, VISIT US !!!