High Performance Batteries


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Buy Cheap Lead Acid Battery, Heavy Duty Batteries, Racing Batteries UK Online Store.

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High Performance Batteries

  1. 1. Sales & Advice Hotline: 01772 790999 , 01772 468492
  2. 2. High performance batteries for superior, reliable performance in extreme weather conditions, over rough terrains, long distance travel, racing, frequent start-stop and other challenging situations. Brands available include but are not limited to Optima, Odyssey, Yuasa, Exide, Bosch, Trojan, Sonnenschein and Red Power. Common features. VRLA, Gel, AGM, sealed-maintenance free-types Pure lead 99.9% or lead alloy plates, extra thick, welded construction Higher cold cranking currents Rugged, sealed housing, shock resistant, vibration resistant, can be mounted in any orientationHigh Performance Batteries
  3. 3. Racing Car Batteries The Racing brand is well known to virtually all car and motor racing segments. These batteries feature sealed, maintenance-free, light-weight, power-packed performance using advanced lithium nano phosphate technologies. Lighter yet more powerful than lead acid batteries, Racing batteries deliver high starting currents and are proven in countless race tracks, delivering dependable performance with total reliability. They can be mounted in any position and are spill-proof and leak proof, capable of withstanding shocks and high vibrations.High Performance Batteries
  4. 4. Odyssey Batteries Odyssey Batteries stand head and shoulders above the rest in offering extreme performance for sustained periods without letting you down. It is a dual purpose battery that can be deep discharged to 70%, recharged quickly and offers high cold cranking currents for absolutely reliable performance over years. It has pure lead plates, leak-free construction, rugged housing to withstand shocks and capability to operate in extreme conditions. Odyssey is best for high performance cars and off road as well as long distance driving. They are designed to last three times as long as standard batteries with AGM design and you can expect them to serve you for 3 to 10 years. Welded internal cells, pure lead plates made of 99.9% pure lead, coated brass terminals, compressed AGM separators and welded internal connectors give it the stamp of class and quality.High Performance Batteries
  5. 5. Optima Batteries Optima batteries are up there with the leaders when it comes to high performance and durability. They are ideal for modern cars with electrical/electronic devices since the special plate construction is capable of deep discharges over sustained periods. Rugged construction withstands heavy shocks and vibrations and it delivers extremely high cold cranking currents, capable of starting engines in extreme weather conditions. Optima Red Batteries The Optima Redtop car batteries utilize absorbed glass mat (AGM) technology with superior plate and paste technologies to deliver extremely high cold cranking currents for reliable starts each time whatever the weather conditions. The Redtop series are superior in performance to standard batteries and will outlast them. Sealed, maintenance-free construction in a rugged housing makes it ideal for cars, SUVs and specialist applications where dependability and performance are key factors.High Performance Batteries
  6. 6. Optima Batteries Optima Blue Batteries The Optima Blue car batteries series is renowned for exceptional performance in demanding applications. The maintenance-free battery offers more recharges and can deliver high cranking current besides providing sustained power for electrical/electronic devices. It can recharge quickly and will withstand heavy vibrations with its special housing and plate construction.High Performance Batteries
  7. 7. Optima Batteries Optima Yellow Batteries The Optima Yellow top car batteries are high performance types with sealed, AGM technologies. IT can deliver high cold cranking currents, can take deep discharges without losing power and offer reliable performance. It is ideal for modern cars equipped with electrical and electronic devices that need sustained power. It features low internal resistance and recharges faster.High Performance Batteries
  8. 8. Contact Info:AUTOPOINT GROUP11 Langcliffe RoadPreston United Kingdom PR2 6UEPhone: 01772-468492Email : autopointuk@hotmail.co.ukWebsite : www.boschcarbatteries.co.uk