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Comprehensive Power Introduction Oct2013


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Comprehensive Power ( is a leading designer and manufacturer of high-performance permanent magnet (PMAC) motors, variable speed generators, controls and drives. We provide enabling technology for rugged applications including several within the global oilfield, military, marine propulsion and renewable energy industries. The benefits of our high torque motors include providing full torque at stall speed, eliminating the need for any gearing, and our drive electronics provide several advantages around setup, resiliency, and maintenance. Our motors, which are designed for up to 20,000Hp and deliver as much as 214,400ft-lb of torque, feature unique characteristics around reduced size and weight, greater efficiency, and lower rotor inertia, relative to other solutions.

We invent and produce unique solutions which are manufactured in the USA, and we would like to power your next system.

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Comprehensive Power Introduction Oct2013

  1. 1. POWER IT UP.
  2. 2. Page 2Comprehensive Power Proprietary Introduction to Comprehensive Power  Comprehensive Power is a leading designer and manufacturer of high- performance permanent magnet (PM) motors, variable speed generators, controls and drives  We provide enabling technology for rugged industry applications including global oilfield, military, marine propulsion and renewable energy, as well as machines which require high torque  We were founded in 1998, and are located in Marlborough, MA  We invent and produce unique solutions which are Manufactured in the USA
  3. 3. Page 3Comprehensive Power Proprietary Systems Utilizing Comprehensive Power Products have Operating Benefits which include…  Reductions in - Fuel Consumption - Emissions - Noise - Maintenance, Service, and Support Costs  Greater Uptime and Reliability  Less components enable faster setup time  Improved operator safety  Remote data capture, logging, and system communications
  4. 4. Page 4Comprehensive Power Proprietary Why PM motors?  Full torque, even at stall speed  Motors can operate with higher speeds and greater precision than achieved by the established fluid or electromechanical drive technologies  Direct-drive torque motor modules reduce the need for power transmission components such as gear boxes, couplings and linkages, thereby reducing the efficiency losses in machinery created by these components Source: release/more_machine_builders_turn_to_direct_drive_torque _motor_modules&cat_id=201&type=LatestResearch Example Comprehensive Power TeraTorq® permanent magnet (PM) motor Torque – Speed curve
  5. 5. Page 5 TeraTorq® motors, in green, on skids with pumps Top Drive with a TeraTorq® Motor  Faster setup time  “Always On” resilient power electronics  Reduced Maintenance  Less space required/lighter weight – preferable for offshore, marine, and mobile equipment  Reduced fuel consumption  Safer operation for crew Comprehensive Power Proprietary We provide enabling technology to the global oilfield, renewable energy, marine propulsion, and military industries.
  6. 6. Page 6Comprehensive Power Proprietary Lightweight with high efficiency, generators from Comprehensive Power are deployed on each of the two wind turbines in the picture. TeraTorq® generator, yellow, in center of turbines on right, is sealed for subsea operation. ORPC’s TidGen - the first grid connected tidal generation system in the US We provide enabling technology to the global oilfield, renewable energy, marine propulsion, and military industries.
  7. 7. Page 7 Industrial Power Systems, Inc. designs and builds quality electrical controls, switchboards and switchgear. Formed in 1981, they have designed and built over 10,000 control panels covering a broad electrical spectrum. Their strength is in complex and innovative applications, especially where custom design and engineering is a requirement. The company has vast experience in marine switchboards and controls and has built to ABS and USCG specifications for cruise ships, casino boats, workboats, tankers, tugs, barges, dredges, riverboats, ferries, pleasure craft and military vessels. EcoMarine Propulsion Systems is a joint venture comprised of three world-class businesses whose complementary expertise is the force behind marine electric propulsion and a pioneer for the application of alternative green power sources for the tug/barge marketplace and beyond worldwide. Offering an affordable electric propulsion drive that offers fuel savings, reduced emissions, lower maintenance costs, simplicity of operation and improved vessel environment with regard to noise and onboard sound level reductions. Comprehensive Power, Inc. is a leading designer and manufacturer of high-performance permanent magnet motors, generators, controls and drives. Based in Marlboro, Massachusetts, the company is an enabling supplier and partner of leading firms in the mobile power, distributed power and renewable energy sectors, helping them produce dynamic energy solutions. Comprehensive Power has supplied power conversion equipment for submarines, self propelled acoustic targets, robots, vehicles, wind turbines, drill rigs, transport systems and industrial equipment manufacturers for over eleven years. The Force behind Marine Electric Propulsion Ocean Tug/Barge Engineering has either directly designed, or been a fully participating engineering partner, for 38 operational AT/B’s in the US market over the span of a quarter century. They have engaged in six new build projects in the US as of 2006, and one overseas. The firm has also now entered the international marketplace, with units under design for service in the Far East, and Eastern Europe, and is pioneering the application of alternative "green" power sources for the tug/barge marketplace worldwide. The firm has also expanded its product range with the introduction of new, high technology harbor and offshore tug designs. Comprehensive Power Proprietary  Improved maneuverability  Full torque at low speed  Low rotor inertia in motors enables rapid acceleration, deceleration, or stopping  “Always On” / High Uptime  Reduced Maintenance  Reduced Weight and Smaller Footprint  Reduced Fuel Consumption  Reduced Emissions  Increased Safety Read about the PowerRing™ Marine Propulsion System for Workboats at We provide enabling technology to the global oilfield, renewable energy, marine propulsion, and military industries.
  8. 8. Page 8Comprehensive Power Proprietary  Custom motors and power electronics  Rugged packaging, including motors and encapsulated power electronics for subsea deployment  High Uptime, Long Life  High Efficiency  Quiet (Low Noise) Operation We provide enabling technology to the global oilfield, renewable energy, marine propulsion, and military industries.
  9. 9. Page 9Comprehensive Power Proprietary  Rollers  Presses  Shredders  Crushers  Compressors  Fans  Pumps  Hydraulic Power Units (HPUs)… …and other high torque applications where precise control and high performance is required We provide enabling technology to the global oilfield, renewable energy, marine propulsion, and military industries and…
  10. 10. TeraTorq® High Performance PM Motors and Variable Speed Generators  Catalog and custom designed machines based upon 7 standard diameters with incremental length for added torque  Sized from 160ft-lb to 214,400ft-lb  The same machine design functions well as a motor or as a variable speed generator The highest power density motors and variable speed generators available for your application Page 10Comprehensive Power Proprietary
  11. 11. Page 11 TeraTorq® High Performance PM Motors and Variable Speed Generators  Patented, propriety designs provide as much as 5X reductions in size and weight compared to motors and generators from other vendors  Designed for long life use in any environment – rugged, sealed, and highly shock tolerant  Low rotor inertia enables unmatched, precise control  High efficiency  Customizations for your system can include - mounting, shaft interface, housing material, pressure compensation for subsea deployment, cable entries, and more TeraTorq® motors have been deployed in subsea applications for military use since 2003, and on drill rigs since 2004. TeraTorq® motors and generators have logged millions of hours of rugged field use. Comprehensive Power Proprietary
  12. 12. Variable Speed Generator (VSG) Operation  Reduce fuel consumption and emissions  Reduce engine wear and maintenance  Reduce size and weight  Eliminate need for synchronization equipment and related complex operational processes  Mitigate natural gas engine power transient response times  Easy to control  Available for all engine manufacturers Page 12Comprehensive Power Proprietary CAT C32 engine with a TeraTorq® generator About 5 feet shorter and about 8000lb lighter vs. a ‘standard’ genset
  13. 13. Example - CAT® 3512 engine with a Conventional Generator (top) and a 3512 with a TeraTorq® Variable Speed Generator  Space savings of 4’ 37/8” (or a reduction in length of 26.3%)  Weight reduction approximately 6,150lb (4,100lb vs. approximately 10,250lb) Page 13 EcoMarine Propulsion Systems Corp Proprietary
  14. 14. Example CAT® C32 engine with a Conventional Generator (top) and a C32 with a TeraTorq® Variable Speed Generator  Space savings of 4’ 111/2” (or a reduction in length of 35.2%)  Weight reduction approximately 7,800lb (1,200lb vs. approximately 9,000lb) Page 14 EcoMarine Propulsion Systems Corp Proprietary
  15. 15. Example EMD® 12-710 engine with a TeraTorq® Variable Speed Generator  Total length about 202”  Combined weight about 41,000lb  2500kW available from 680 RPM to 100RPM Page 15 EcoMarine Propulsion Systems Corp Proprietary
  16. 16. The Most Advanced Modular Drive System The image on the right features multiple racks of TIM-270s, or TIMs (TeraTorq® Inverter Modules). Page 16Comprehensive Power Proprietary
  17. 17. TIMs  200kW / 250Hp power, 9”x9”x25” modules, typically deployed in arrays  TIM-270 modules are fully interchangeable with each other, reducing the number of spare parts needed to be stocked. Any TIM automatically performs:  AC/DC Rectification  DC/AC Inversion  DC/DC Power Balancing  TIMs are used to:  Drive motors  Transfer power from a generator or other source  Transfer power to/from a switchboard or a battery bank Page 17Comprehensive Power Proprietary
  18. 18. Theory of Operation - TIMs  Each module has 6 power terminals  DC plus, minus and ground  3 AC (input / output) phases  Connected to DC by IGBT switches  Current can flow in any direction based on switch control  IGBTs switch rapidly with Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) control  Output is smoothed by phase inductors  Harmonics are actively controlled and reduced  AC voltage is between DC plus and minus  AC phases provide or draw current on command, at any frequency from DC to 1,000 Hz  Modules automatically balance loads when connected in parallel  Can draw power from lower AC voltages with active power factor correction Page 18 10/10/2013Comprehensive Power Proprietary
  19. 19. TIMs  Designed for continuous “always on” redundant, fail- safe system operation  The unlikely event of a failure of a TIM-270 in a multiple TIM system only decreases the system power proportionately  Such a failure still allows continued system operation and avoids emergency equipment shutdown  TIM-270 modules can safely and easily be swapped or replaced by anyone; no factory certification or special training is required. Replacing a TIM-270 is a simple “plug and play” operation. Page 19Comprehensive Power Proprietary
  20. 20. TFMs (TeraTorq® Frame Modules)  Modular, expandable drive mounting system with connections for  Power  Liquid cooling  Control  TFMs hold up to 4 TIMs  About 49” tall, 30.5” deep, 10” wide  All module connections are blind mate quick disconnect for safe and foolproof operation Page 20Comprehensive Power Proprietary
  21. 21. TCM (TeraTorq® Control Module)  Controls the operation of TIM lineups, which may be connected to motors, generators, renewable energy sources, batteries, ultracaps, switchboards, etc  Provides information to/from a system controller via the Modbus Application Protocol (MBAP) over an Ethernet TCP/IP connection  Support for web based data collection, troubleshooting, and preventative maintenance programs  System status is continuously logged locally and can be viewed over the internet:  Mode, power, status information  Voltages, speeds , currents, temperatures  Battery health (in hybrid systems)  Fault reporting and identification  Remote support personnel can spot many problems before they interfere with operation and help work through any unusual situation Page 21Comprehensive Power Proprietary
  22. 22. Page 22Comprehensive Power Proprietary Custom Solutions Custom PM motors and generators are designed and manufactured to support power, speed, size, weight, operational, and environmental requirements. Custom drive and control electronics can address specific power management, transmission, size and packaging requirements.
  23. 23. FAQs  Can I use TIM drive lineups with motors or generators that are not manufactured by Comprehensive Power?  Yes you can (although we would like you to consider all of our equipment, including our motors and generators, our drives are compatible with products from other manufacturers).  Can a TIM really be replaced by non-factory personnel?  Yes. After following your defined safe procedure to open the circuit breaker for the drive line, just push a button and pull the handle to remove a TIM, and then slide a replacement in.  Can I use my own housing for my TIMs, TFMs, and TCMs?  Yes. we will assist your design efforts and support the deployment of the equipment within your own housing.  Also we sell rack systems and cabinets, and we can also recommend partners who also sell racks and cabinets for our power electronics. Page 23Comprehensive Power Proprietary
  24. 24. FAQs (con’d)  If a TIM fails, does my system stop operating?  No. In the unlikely event of a TIM failure, the remaining TIMs will continue to operate, and the drive lineup will have proportional power available.  Does a TIM need to be programmed or require a hardware modification to perform an AC/DC conversion or another function?  No. Any TIM can perform any function, and any TIM can be placed in any TFM slot. The TIM’s function is controlled by a TCM which is part of the drive lineup.  Can this drive and power electronics system function as a Microgrid?  Yes. TIM systems support power being supplied from one or multiple sources, including transformers, switchboards, grid connections, generators and battery banks. Power can be distributed to multiple loads, including hotel loads, MCCs, motors and battery banks. Page 24Comprehensive Power Proprietary
  25. 25. Page 25 Comprehensive Power Proprietary Summary  TeraTorq® Motors and generators are available up to 214,400ft-lb  Customizations include mounting, shaft interface, housing material, pressure compensation, and cable entries  Custom designed motors, generators, and power electronics are also available  Our high performance equipment provides substantial operational advantages around  Size, Weight, Control, Efficiency  Up time, Reliability, Ruggedness  TIMs/TFMs/TCMs  Power and control Comprehensive Power motors or 3rd party motors  “Always on”  Web based monitoring, control  Support for heterogeneous system design - TIMs can drive TeraTorq® motors and 3rd party motors
  26. 26. Page 26 Comprehensive Power Proprietary Comprehensive Power Let us power your system. Jeff Sable, Director Sales and Marketing (508) 460-0010 x706 @jeffsable on Twitter