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Published on is a marketplace that connects potential clinical trials volunteers to medical researchers with just one-click. |

So yeah before you join us in this webinar we were talking about the reason… for why clinical solutions, why now—and why research site owners. Need a risk-free marketplace to connect and recruit more clinical trials volunteers. In order to better compete with the centralized campaigns, the big CROs are running now.

So, the true is, that demographics are already shifting and the old-school way of recruiting, out of the practice patients—are no longer working. Because we live in a mobile-first world where we use our smartphones as our primary health advisor.

This is why we need a cross-platform, multi-device solution to be able to attract, educate, and recruit more volunteers for our studies.

Because having a brand authority, the know-how of being discovered by search engines—and recommended from within health apps is more important than ever. Given that the number one phone feature used by potential clinical trials volunteers is their text messaging app.

Enhance the need for a revolutionary, text messaging interface that can motivate patients to be more involved in the medical research.

Given these conditions your out-of-the-practice, patient recruitment strategies could be outdated.

More importantly the way our system works. Offers you an level automation, that is unprecedented, in the research industry… because we matched and prequalified all candidates. Showing you only, actual clinical trials applicants. The ones that are truly the best fit, for your studies.

But at the end of the day, we know that you only get paid by the number of patients, you're enrolled and randomized into your clinical trials. This is why our solution is 100% free to use. Because our number one priority is the success of your business.

And yes, we do operate in an HIPAA-compliant environment. Providing you with the most accurate pool of applicants at zero cost to you with no contracts or setup fees.

Because how we work is super simple!
First, you list your studies into our platform.
Then, you get to review your candidate pool. Sorted by the highest percent matched. Based on the inclusion and exclusion criteria of your clinical trials.
Lastly, once a volunteer applies for one of your studies—you get to review their entire medical profile for free. Only paying us a small success fee. Once you accept their application and they actually get randomized to participate in one of your studies.

Basically, you can see our platform in action—simply by registering, as a researcher with the link provided here, at no risk to you. Because we are 100% free to use, with zero contracts or setup fees.

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  1. 1. a marketplace for clinical trials
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  7. 7. SECURE NO CONTRACTS ACCURATE Our platform operates in a fully HIPAA and IRB compliant environment. Ensuring that all patient information collected meets the strict criteria of privacy and security. There are not any up- front costs or setup fees for using our services. We only get pay if you successfully enroll one of our pre-qualified volunteers. Our comprehensive approach boost all your clinical trials' enrollments. increasing the ROI of your business—by finishing all your studies on-time and under- budget.
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  9. 9. a marketplace for clinical trials HTTPS://WWW.CLINICALSOLUTIONS.IO/REGISTER?TYPE=RESEARCHER