Mbrand3 - Model Case - Travel [English version]


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Presents various mobile advertising campains in the travel industry.
AirFrance, ClubMed, Eurostar, Lufthansa, Mappy...

Mbrand3 is the 1st independent Mobile Advertising Network in France with more than 80 Premium publishers

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Mbrand3 - Model Case - Travel [English version]

  1. 1. Mobile - Marketing - Media Model Case : Travel
  2. 2. Travel Travel: - Air France - Club Méditerranée - Eurostar - Liligo - Lufthansa - Mappy - RATP - Tur Espana - VSCNF
  3. 3.  Context: Launching of the iPhone application Air France  Goals: Make people knowing about the iPhone application by Air France and the offered services by this appli, through 3 different messages. You can buy or modify your booking, consult your schedules, and considerably gain time.  Format: Banner and interstitial  Results: Banner 0.65% CTR Interstitial 8.25% CTR
  4. 4.  Context: Club Med offers a discount on the couples 'trip.  Goals: Encourage couples to go on organized trip, taking time to take care of the other one.  Format: Interstitial  Result: Interstitial: 16.07% CTR
  5. 5.  Context: Present the standard premier class and business premier  Goals: Encourage the mobiles users to travel in Eurostar business or standard premier class. Show that these classes are more comfortable and offers more services.  Format: Interstitial & Banner  Results: Banner: 0.59% CTR Interstitials: 8.75% CTR
  6. 6.  Context: Lufthansa offers paradise destinations  Goals: Offer paradise destinations with affordable prices. Make people wanting to go to Africa and Asia, which are a bit abandoned. Enhance the website on mobile which allows to book plane tickets without paying internet fees.  Format: Interstitial & banner  Results: Banner 0.55% CTR Interstitial 8.89% CTR
  7. 7. Campagne Côte d’Or  Context: The “Côte d’Or” area launches its iPhone application  Goals: Increase awareness of the area (gastronomy, habits, heritage…) Improve the Area’s image by encouraging mobile users to visit it. The application allows you to prepare your trip (Hostel, restaurant…)  Format: Banners  Result: Banner 0.63% CTR
  8. 8. Campagne Voyage SNCF  Context: Make people discover the offered services during a business trip with TGVPro 1ere  Goals: To show all the advantages of a business trip with TGV Pro 1ere Attractive and fun campaign that features mini series showing all the proposed services, by getting close to the business trip needs.  Format: Interstitial & Banner  Results: Banner 0.58% CTR Interstitial 9.78% CTR
  9. 9. Campagne Tur Espana  Context: To discover Spain through the iPhone application iSpain.  Goals: To encourage people to go to Spain by recommending all the best places near where you’re planning to go (from restaurant to spa, hostel, and everything you may need to take the maximum advntage of your holidays.  Format: Interstitial & Banner  Results: Banner: 0.87% CTR Interstitial: 8.73% CTR
  10. 10. Mobile – Marketing - Media Thank you! Don’t hesitate to contact us for further information 