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5-Point Cash Flow & Liquidation Strategy


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Powerful sales-generating strategies for all store-front retailers

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  • Since 1984, POWER Retailing has been dedicated to providing powerful action-oriented solutions to instantly improve cash flow, profit margins and the net worth of business assets.
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5-Point Cash Flow & Liquidation Strategy

  1. 1. The Ultimate Marketing Strategy ForStore Closing and Cash Flow EventsThe right choices to get the results youʼve been looking for!
  2. 2. MissionPOWER Retailing is committed to providing effectiveliquidation, store closing and cash flow solutions, ideas,strategies, tools and tactics to take your business fromwhere it is - to 
where you want it to be, faster and easierthan you ever thought possible.We are committed to offering powerful breakthroughstrategies to multiply your sales and profits, convertinventory into 100% cash, and recover the maximumvalue of your inventory and other store assets. Contact: Bob Nelson Phone: 480-460-1965 E-Mail: Website: www.powerretailing.com2 CONFIDENTIAL – Do Not Distribute Without Permission
  3. 3. Executive SummaryNever has Americaʼs retail industry been so competitive and challenging. Withchanging lifestyles, large power centers, national discounters, TV shopping, mailorder catalogs and the Internet, business today is tougher than ever before.But a new 5-point selling, marketing and advertising plan for implementing andconducting successful, high-impact sales events promises to reverse this trend.To fit any store budget and offering a departure from costly traditional methods,POWER Retailingʼs innovative strategies has earned the reputation and set thestandard for a new dimension of integrated liquidation plans. Designed to createcustomer urgency, the dynamic techniques contribute to higher sales and profits,turn inventory into cash, and can be applied to any type of storefront business.Affordable solutions that makes sense to your business…At POWER Retailing we believe in doing one thing better than anyone else—providing strategic marketing plans that bring immediate results.Based in Phoenix, Arizona—since 1984, we have been recognized as a leaderthe retail industry in the specific areas of reorganization, transformation and thedisposal of unwanted inventories, fixtures and underperforming store locations.POWER Retailingʼs customer-winning concepts have helped large and smallretailers achieve amazing results, quickly and safely raising millions of dollars.Weve assisted in the total liquidation of inventories, helped stores reorganize,consolidate and merge businesses, saved owners from bankruptcy, eliminateddebt and optimized the value of hidden assets available in every business.Our breakthrough strategies, superior tools and copyrighted techniques haveproven their value for all types of established retailers throughout the UnitedStates, Canada, and other English speaking countries of the world.In todayʼs challenging economy, independent retailers need to take advantage ofevery opportunity you can get. As skilled consultants we respect your image andreputation, and make certain our advice is practical and completely understood.* Maximizing your income, results and success* Providing a systematic plan based on your goals* Holding the affairs of our clients in strict confidence CONFIDENTIAL – Do Not Distribute Without Permission 3
  4. 4. A Marketing OverviewPrestigious retailers rely on POWER Retailing to help liquidate inventory andreduce advertising costs. It can be fun, done in a short amount of time, andgenerate more money than selling your store as an "ongoing" business.Step #1 The Strategy: Weʼll give you more than 50 sure-fire ways to increasesales and recover the maximum value of your inventory and other store assets.1. Overcome your biggest inventory or cash flow challenge2. High impact techniques to double or triple traffic and sales3. Turn unwanted and underperforming inventory into ready cash4. Recover capital tied up in your inventory and other store assets5. Advertising formats that get attention and make sales surge6. Innovative ads and top headlines your customers cant refuse7. The action-packed atmosphere that creates urgency to buy now8. Easy-to-use pricing formulas to improve your gross margins9. Effective methods to keep your stock moving out the door10. Powerful advertising tools to meet your highest standards4 CONFIDENTIAL – Do Not Distribute Without Permission
  5. 5. Customized PlansStep #2 Planning: It all starts with a process to analyze where your businessstands. Tailored to your needs, using our time-tested approach, youʼll have theessential tools to: out sell, out market, and out produce the competition!1. The best time to have a sale and how to start the process2. Proven approaches that draw customers to your store3. How to target customers and the best ways to reach them4. How to evaluate your inventory and potential stock needs5. How to get the highest possible price from your merchandise6. How to create the perception of fantastic savings and values7. How to attract new customers and keep them coming back8. Compelling advertising pieces and exciting multimedia formats9. How to plan the duration for how long your sale should last10. The Doʼs and Donʼts to avoid the most common mistakes CONFIDENTIAL – Do Not Distribute Without Permission 5
  6. 6. Exit Strategies & Retail EventsStep #3 Implementation: It is the key to conducting profitable, well-organizedsales events. Different and more exciting than anything youʼve done before, youʼllhave the strategy…the tools…the techniques…timing…and direction.1. Unique customer invitations that bring amazing results2. Timely methods to control your sales and profit margins3. Breakthrough ideas that attract crowds of eager customers4. Free News Articles that generate an overwhelming response5. Attention-getting methods to sell "slow-moving" inventory6. How to organize your efforts and keep the sales momentum going7. Copyrighted sales components that produce the biggest payback8. How to display eye-catching signs that make a tremendous difference9. Visual techniques to enhance the location of your store10. Cutting edge strategies to increase sales and explode cash flow6 CONFIDENTIAL – Do Not Distribute Without Permission
  7. 7. Team Work and TrainingStep #4 Training: Weʼll make your cash registers ring! In a step-by-step manner,well help you redirect your efforts in the right direction. Youʼll discover powerfulsales-building techniques to generate store traffic and high volume of sales.1. How to organize, setup and execute the entire process2. How to arrange your stock so the selection always looks fresh3. Creative methods to make your merchandise sell twice as fast4. Effective ways to display your merchandise and show prices5. The primary procedures your employees need to know6. How to keep the sales volume going without expensive contests7. Step-by-step training manual to help you work smarter, not harder8. How to handle special offers, discounts and customer returns9. When to take additional markdowns without sacrificing prices10. Clear-cut actions to replace old methods with fresh ideas CONFIDENTIAL – Do Not Distribute Without Permission 7
  8. 8. Professional SupportStep #5 Sales Support: Save thousands of dollars! To maximize your results,weʼll guide you through the fundamental steps that need to take place – from thefirst phase until your sale ends. Youʼll learn fresh, compelling ways to drive yoursales message and promote the reason customers should buy from you.1. FREE 24 hr. unlimited advice and ongoing marketing support2. Experienced consultants to guide you through the entire process3. Exclusive tools and tactics to keep your sales volume on track4. The 3 key phases that make the difference between failure and success5. Insider secrets to sell inventory, fixtures and equipment to the bare walls6. Proven ways to overcome roadblocks that can stop you from succeeding7. Simple, yet proven plans, policies and procedures to eliminate stress8. How to deal with landlords and store vendors to get their support9. Easy ways to track store traffic and your advertising response10. How to legally reduce, restructure or eliminate excessive debt8 CONFIDENTIAL – Do Not Distribute Without Permission
  9. 9. Summary and ResultsOur goal is really very simple. To help you succeed!You donʼt have to struggle anymore. At POWER Retailing, we understand thatyou need an easy-to-implement plan with variety of affordable new options, clear-cut strategies and cutting edge solutions far above and beyond any ordinary self-conducted inventory liquidation sale. Step-by-step, we make it easy as 1...2...3.Our sure-fire strategies put you in control with the essential tools to make money.Built on the strongest platform, youʼll have a comprehensive marketing plan withan extensive collection of exclusive signs and banners, powerful advertisinglayouts, proven ads, special invitation formats, effective e-mail announcements,free multimedia layouts, compelling visual displays, point-of-sale materials,valuable training manual, unlimited sales support and much more.But, thatʼs not all – Weʼve teamed up with debt management services that cansettle business debt for pennies on the dollar.Imagine how you can profit with results like these…“Your total sales principles sure did work like a charm for our sale. In fact we did3 months business in the first 10 days. You were invaluable to us.” – Jack Reinert Reinertʼs Dept Store………………………………………………………………………………………………“Thanks to your well-designed approach, we were able to liquidate ourinventories at two stores with minimal advertising and very little cost.” – Greg & Shannon Christian Book Store…………………………………………………………………………………………….“The mailer provided for the sale resulted in a $58,000 first day, a tremendousbeginning for a 3,500 square foot store. As you know, we had hoped to get ourinvestment out of our inventory. Well, we did that and more! We even sold all ofour fixtures just as you said we would. Wow! Your retail acumen is superb.” – Alice M. Maxwell Fashion WestUsing new skills and timely techniques, youʼre sure to turn your inventory intocash and gain the greatest competitive edge with a wonderful peace of mind! CONFIDENTIAL – Do Not Distribute Without Permission 9
  10. 10. The Competitive EdgeWeʼre the only company who guarantees results. Because weʼre so sure thatyour efforts will be more effective, more productive, and much more profitable,using our comprehensive 5-point selling, marketing and advertising strategy,weʼre offering this Customer Satisfaction Guarantee. Call Today 480-460-1965 10 CONFIDENTIAL – Do Not Distribute Without Permission