ARDA World: The New Customer Service


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ARDA World: The New Customer Service

  1. 1. ARDA World 2012, Annual ConventionThe New Customer ServicePANEL MEMBERSBrooke Doucha, Holiday Inn Club VacationsLisa Burby, Wyndham Vacation OwnershipBrad Pennington, RCISharon Freed, Interval International
  2. 2. ARDA World 2012, Annual Convention Lisa Burby I lead a team of comms pros who handle strategic initiatives for our assoc., owner, PR, community relations + social media constituencies. Brad Pennington I’m the “Social Media Guy,” handling all aspects of online mktg + operations for @RCI_Timeshare, including email, #socialmedia + mobile. Sharon Freed I have a multi-channel focus, overseeing the strategic design/deployment of mktg, comms, product dev. Members <3 our "Community" forum.
  3. 3. ARDA World 2012, Annual ConventionToday’s Session- Know the landscape- Discover tools- Listen up!- Uncover metrics
  4. 4. ARDA World 2012, Annual ConventionKnow the Landscape
  5. 5. ARDA World 2012, Annual ConventionToday’s Customer - Empowered - Influential - Marketers - Advocates - Active“neutral” contributors - Saboteurs - Social… at least online
  6. 6. ARDA World 2012, Annual ConventionCustomer Service – The New Landscape Today, 43% Say companies should use social media to solve customer issues By 2013, 75% US companies expect to use social media for customer service
  7. 7. ARDA World 2012, Annual ConventionOpportunities we can’t ignore 78% of travel booking sites listed social media as a top 8 source of referral traffic 90% of all travel site users visit social media pages after they post a review 2 out of 3 consumers admit being influenced by traveler-generated ratings
  8. 8. ARDA World 2012, Annual Convention Travel talk onlineTripAdvisorOut of 70% travel originating online, 30% travelers visitTripAdvisor before bookingTPIs103,000+ reviews acrossExpedia,, Travelocity,
  9. 9. ARDA World 2012, Annual ConventionHello. Is there anybody out there? Over 58% of tweeters who have tweeted about a bad experience have never received a response from the offending company 55% of consumers expect a response the same day to an online complaint – yet only 29% receive one
  10. 10. ARDA World 2012, Annual ConventionDiscover Tools
  11. 11. ARDA World 2012, Annual Convention Build a virtual toolbox
  12. 12. ARDA World 2012, Annual ConventionListen up!
  13. 13. ARDA World 2012, Annual ConventionListen up to the social chatter - Learn frequency of mentions - Discover opportunities - Understand trending topics
  14. 14. ARDA World 2012, Annual ConventionUnderstand trending topics and transfer feedback into action
  15. 15. ARDA World 2012, Annual ConventionBest practices for engagement - Don’t allow any one team to own social media - Do respond with empathy, but defend your brand - Don’t feed the trolls - Don’t panic
  16. 16. ARDA World 2012, Annual Convention +
  17. 17. ARDA World 2012, Annual Convention
  18. 18. ARDA World 2012, Annual ConventionUncover Metrics
  19. 19. ARDA World 2012, Annual Convention MetricsExamples of common metrics:Number of mentionsSentiment of mentionsNumber of customer service recoveriesOverall comparison within your competitive setWeb traffic / page views
  20. 20. ARDA World 2012, Annual ConventionDrive brand LOVE Know today’s customer + give them servicing options Consider creating a new servicing “toolbox” Listen to what customers are saying online When you engage, remember our 4 tips Use metrics to show improvements
  21. 21. ARDA World 2012, Annual Convention Customer servicehas a place in your social media toolbox
  22. 22. ARDA World 2012, Annual Convention
  23. 23. ARDA World 2012, Annual Convention Thank You!• Please fill out the evaluation form and return it in the back of the room.• Download presentations on the mobile app at or on our website at