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The Milk


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This is an exposicion about the milk and we explain you the types of milk too

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The Milk

  1. 1. MILK Jordi Morera Saber El Morabit Bin Huang Anchal Sharma Maria Fernandez
  2. 2. WHAT IS MILK? • The milk is a white liquid produced by the mammary glands of mammals • The milk contain vitamins and calcium • There are different types of milk, for example: full cream milk, powdered milk or semiskimmed milk.
  3. 3. FIRST EXPERIMENTATION • We go to the laboratory • We verify the milk is because acidification caused by the growth of bacterial
  4. 4. MATERIALS • • • • • • • - Beakers - Erlenmeyer flask of 250 ml - Pupeta - Wand Glass - Test tube - Vinegar - UHT Milk
  5. 5. METHOD • First of all the teacher has taught us two types of milk are expired. • We did that experiment consisted in put hot milk pasteurized • Expire in a flask with a pipette, and then we put vinegar inside the flask mixed • We've came out as the teacher had taught us pasteurized milk expired that was smelly and had lumps
  6. 6. SECOND EXPERIMENTATION • The second experimentation, we stay in class • We sample, smelling and seeing the diferent types of milk : Cow and goat
  7. 7. METHOD • We started with a glass of cow's milk and other milk a goat. • We have smelled, tasted and looked and have drawn some conclusions. • We also looked at which methods have to keep milk
  8. 8. THE END