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Bim gurukul- an introduction


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Bim gurukul- an introduction

  1. 1. BIM-Gurukul Learn, Know, Teach, and Grow
  2. 2. About BIM Gurukul   BIM Gurukul has been designed as an open forum to preach the technological diversification in the AEC industry through the ideology of ancient Hinduism philosophy. This forum is an intent to bring the world together "Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam" to a single family and preach the knowledge tradition from Guru to Sishya. Here any one can come and volunteer to teach the advancement in technology. The Guru passes the knowledge to the sishya (student) and then the next step the Sishya voulnteers. Technically, BIM Gurukul is an forum, an open learning platform where any one can post their ideas in form of articles, tutorials, video and also can volunteer to guide the learners to join the community of Guru Sishya pedigree.
  3. 3. Vision Statement  The vision of BIM Gurukul is to educate every people in construction business, through-out the world about how the best BIM practice will change their work.
  4. 4. Mission Statement  BG’s mission is to armor every people in AEC industry with BIM and prepare them to face the challenges of changes in the technology .
  5. 5. Today’s Situation-Construction     Global Market Accounts for $8 Trillion per Year, which makes up about 15% of world output. Out of this 36 % of the size is wasted due to poor co-ordination and project delays. India aims to be the third largest market in Construction Industry by 2020. Brazil and China Market is growing rapidly
  6. 6. BIM Sutras    Owners and FMs Sutras Architects and Engineers Sutras Contractors Sutras
  7. 7. How Did We Get Here?     Understanding that BIM is an holistic approach to improve the construction process. Gap in understanding the BIM for all people. Ignorance of technology Dynamism of changes
  8. 8. Available Options      bimgurukul.blogspot Bimgurukul/YouTube Bimgurukul training portal Bimgurukal satellite learning Bimvarsity……an open learning zone in 5 languages
  9. 9. BIM Mantra  Empower us with one sutra to make this world a better place to build and construct a better world tomorrow.
  10. 10. Initiatives     HIJx25gCwmw