abiotic stress plants cwr genome seed laboratary aseptic conditions laminar air flow pollen pistil interaction incompatibility and incongruity wide hybridization crossability barriers incongruity genetics of stress tolerance stress tolerance lodging of plants wind stress wind mechanical stress heterosis epigenetic regulations dna methylation epigenetics hybrids mirna and epigenetics acetylation nutrient rich staple food vitamin a enrichment hidden hunger biofortification nutrient deficiency cgiar harvest plus wild relatives genetic rerources hpr grass family biological database graminae database gramene seed storage seed classification seed ageing junk dna introns genome balance plant genome alternate splicing introns and evolution genotyping by sequencing marker discovery gbs hdr targeted dna breaks zfn talen dna break repair nhej crispr megenucleases targeted mutagenesis crispr cas genome engineering genome editing red list wcpa natural resources extinction conservation cem cec ssc ceesp red data book vulnerable species iucn threatened species iupn iucn india nature genepools of rice oryza species biotic stress yield wild germplasm of rice disease resistance introgression rice crop wild relatives genepool oryza wild species arabidopsis clone by clone sequencing arabidopsis genome initiative whole genome sequencing arabidopsis thaliana seed structure floral structure embryogenesis seed types importance of seed seed development chickpea seed standards seed certification standards chickpea minimum seed standards seed production in maize maize maize hybrids hybrid seed production plant pathology enzymes plant diseases pathogen attack plant pathogenesis
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