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Vegetarian fact file

  1. 1. Vegetarian Fact FileRebekah Asquith
  2. 2. Demographics• It is said that the percentage of vegetarians that are female is 59% which tells usthat the percentage of vegetarians that are male is 41%. These statistics tell us thatI should maybe aim my recipe cards more at females than males because thatsection of the audience is larger.• The percentage of vegetarians that are aged 18 to 34 is 42%, the age from 35 to 54is 41% and the percentage over the age of 55 is 17%. This tells me that I should notfocus on aiming my work to an older audience such as age 55 and over, I shouldfocus on a younger audience.• The countries where there are the most percentage of vegetarians are: India,Taiwan, Italy, Brazil, the UK and Germany.• The countries that have the least amount of vegetarians in their populations are:Portugal, Poland, China, Denmark and the Czech Republic.• I would say that the main social status of vegetarians is middle class. This isbecause they have the money to contemplate going on diets and eating healthymaybe more exotic foods. ‘Individuals on higher incomes were more likely to bevegetarian (7% of those with a household income of over £44,000 per annumcompared to 2% of those with an income of less than £14,999 per annum).’ Thiswas taken from
  3. 3. Definition of the term ‘vegetarian’• A vegetarian is a person who does not eatmeat, for moral, religious, health reasons andeven sometimes for weight loss andmaintenance.• A vegan is a person who does not eat or useanimal products such as honey, eggs, milk.People choose to be vegan for some of thesame reasons as vegetarians, such as moral orreligious reasons.
  4. 4. Different kinds of vegetarianism• There are a few different ways that people eat such as:• Pescetarian: This diet includes fish and shellfish but no other meat.• Pollo-Pescetarian: Only eat white meat. High in protein. Avoidingfat. Weight loss.• Pollotarian: Eats chicken and other poultry.• Flexitarian: Plant based with the occasional inclusion of meatproducts.• Fruitarian: This diet includes fruits, nuts and seeds without theinclusion of meat products, vegetables and grains.• Lacto Vegetarian: This is a is a vegetarian diet that includes dairyproducts such as milk, cheese, yogurt, butter, cream, but excludeseggs. Lacto-vegetarians also abstain from cheeses that includeanimal rennet and yogurts that contain gelatin. This is based mainlyof religious beliefs.
  5. 5. Reasons for going vegetarian• The main reasons that people choose to be vegetarianin order of popularity among vegetarians are:• Animal welfare 54%• To improve overall health 53%• Environmental concerns 47%• Natural approaches to wellness 39%• Food-safety concerns 31%• Weight loss 25%• Weight maintenance 24%
  6. 6. Companies that target vegetarian andvegan marketsVegetarian• Quorn: Quorn is the leading brand of imitation meat mycoprotein in theUK. Mycoprotein is taken from the fungus Fusarium venenatum. Quorn issold largely in Europe but also in other parts of the world and is approvedby the Vegetarian Society.• Vegetarian Society: The Vegetarian Society is a British registered charity to‘support, represent and increase the number of vegetarians in the UK.’They do this by introducing products such as recipe cards to encouragevegetarian eating, documentaries such as ‘Devour the Earth’ narrated byPaul McCartney and they also do a lot of work approving food products forvegetarians to eat.• Redwood: Redwood specialise in producing foods that are free fromanimal ingredients. The produce items such as kinder alternatives to meatand fish and also dairy-free ‘cheeses‘. ‘were passionate about creatingthe very best in natural plant-based foods.’ Taken from Their foods help to protectnot just animals but also people and the environment.
  7. 7. Vegan• Alpro: Alpro believes that a majority of the food that we eatshould come from plants. The company planet friendly,sustainable and healthy. They produce plant-based alternativesto milk, yoghurt and cream, meat and margarine, so thatanyone and everyone could enjoy delicious plant poweredfoods.• Oatly: Oatly oat drinks are the natural choice for people whowant to eat more healthily. The Oatly oat drinks also providegood nutrition to people who can’t tolerate dairy, soya or ricemilk and milk products. Oatly’s role is simply to develop,produce and sell foods that make it a little easier for everyoneto eat healthily.• PETA: The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)Foundation is a UK-based charity dedicated to establishing andprotecting the rights of all animals. This would suggest thatPETA are for the idea of vegetarianism and would encouragepeople to become vegetarians even if this is not directly stated.
  8. 8. Food that vegetarians and veganscannot eat• Vegetarians cannot eat any red or white meat.This includes meats such as chicken, fish andbeef.• Vegans however, cannot eat any kinds of meator any products that come from animals suchas honey from bees, milk from cows andgoats, and also eggs from chickens and otherbirds.