Falcon-i Vehicle Tracking System


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Falcon-i, Vehicle tracking system or Automatic Vehicle Location System (AVL) is an innovative technology that enables one to track or monitor the location of the vehicle in an instant time. The system functions with the help of different technologies like the Global Positioning System (GPS), traditional cellular networks such as Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) and other radio frequency medium.

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Falcon-i Vehicle Tracking System

  2. 2. “ Are my trucks deviating from their routes ? Will my deliveries make it on time ? Will my cargo be safe ? Is my son driving safely ? “ Which one of my taxis is closest to my customer ?
  3. 3. VEHICLE TRACKING SYSTEM Vehicle tracking system or Automatic Vehicle Location System (AVL) is an innovative technol- ogy that enables one to track or monitor the location of the vehicle in an instant time. The tracking system consists of GPS device that brings together GPS and GSM/GPRS technology using tracking software. The attached GPS unit in the vehicle sends periodic updates of its location to the route station through the server of the cellular network that can be displayed on a digital map. The location details are later trans- ferred to users via GPRS, SMS, e-mail or other form of data transfers. AMI India offers Falcon-i, a complete fleet track- ing and monitoring solution, which provides the desired information for a vehicle owner to take well informed decisions to enhance the produc- tivity of their operations. Falcon-i facilitates the organization formulate and streamline their logistic operations. The reports generated provide insights on the resource utilization and identifies Key areas of improvement. This leads to higher productivity thereby increasing the profitability of the business.
  4. 4. FALCON-i FLEET TRACKING SOLUTION The solution works on the concept of live tracking where every vehicle is tracked using GPS based gadget which communicates to the remote server using GPRS/GSM technology. The server hosts the Falcon-i web application, this application stores and represent the information sent by these gadgets in a meaning- ALERTS ON ful and user friendly format and is displayed on maps to provide the location of the OVER SPEED vehicles geographically along with various other parameters like vehicle speed, idle time etc. The solution provides a centralized approach of the fleet management where the location of each and every vehicle can be viewed at any point of time. Location information along with various other parameters is displayed to the fleet owners and also stored for later review. The MIS reports generated by the application provide vital information about fleet performance to the fleet owner. The system is configured for various alerts; these alerts notify significant events relevant for making immediate ALERTS ON and correct decisions to run the operations smoothly. DESTINATION ARRIVAL VEHICLE TRACKING TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS PRODUCT ACCESSORIES Quad band 850/900/1800/1900 GSM receiver IP65 Compliant Min. update interval for 15 sec Remote firmware upgrade 20 Channel parallel SirfStar-III GPS receiver with an accuracy of < 10 meters GPS Accuracy of <10mtrs. O O Rugged device-water splash resistant, tamper resistant, weather proof (-5 C to 60 C) In-built 4 MB flash memory 8V – 36V Operational Voltage Physical dimension: 125 mm X 85 mm X 30 mm Weight: 215 gms REPORTS Trip reports can be generated for each vehicle in the fleet. Parameters like driver information, cargo details etc. can be added to the already existing ones. Reports for travel, over speed, excessive stoppage time and idle time can be generated. Report for fuel consumption ALERTS The following user-defined alerts can be configured in the software. Over speed Alert Geofence: 5 preferred and 5 restricted areas per vehicle. Destination Alert Move Alert
  5. 5. VEHICLE DISPLAY AND LIVE TRACKING Four screen live tracking for different vehicles Location based vehicle search Coloured icons indicating vehicle speed status (Stopped/Moving/Over Speeding) VEHICLE ROUTE HISTORY Vehicle path for specific time interval plotted on map Parameters like speed and idle time are displayed as tooltips FEATURES Gives data on fuel usage Supports detecting of fuel pilferage Support for immobilizer ABOUT AMI India American Megatrends India Private Limited (AMI India), a CMMi level 3 company, with 15 years of experience in the field of advanced computing, is a leader in storage and computing innovations worldwide. We create and manufacture the key hardware and software solutions for the global computer and technology marketplace. AMI India's extensive product line includes GPS Tracking Systems, BIOS, diagnostic software, remote server management, driver/firmware develop- ment, service processors, storage systems, chassis design and integrated systems. With these product groups, AMI India is uniquely positioned to provide all of the fundamental components necessary to offer complete system performance, manageability and availability for today's enterprise computing requirements. AMI India is the only company in the industry today offering all these core technologies. For more information, please visit us at: www.amiindia.co.in