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  1. 1. Headline December 2009 IssueWelcome to Headline What can your committee do for you?Headline is the new quarterly newsletter for The regional committee aims to supportthe BAOT Northern and Yorkshire Region. members to develop the profile ofThis first issue includes information on the Occupational Therapy, increase opportunities to network and develop skillsupcoming regional elections in January through shared knowledge and learning2010, the role of your committee, a student experiences. The first regional newsletter iszone, a UNISON update, what the being launched at the region’s annual lifecommittee has been up to in recent long learning event to celebrate themonths and news on our membership. We committee’s ongoing commitment toappreciate your feedback on Headline providing opportunities to support OT’sand welcome your articles for future issues. development within the region. We hope to support you to share ideas, run CPDA note from our Chair events and as a committee we can provide advice, materials and funding toAs a committee we are very keen to ensure you have the best opportunity torepresent you and the Occupational work alongside colleagues in the region.Therapy profession. We are well aware that Philip Harrison, our local group coordinatorour 3000 members are working in a is always on hand to offer advice andnumber of different specialties and support to anyone in the region wishing toincreasingly in non-traditional roles. We are develop a local group. We also have aproud to have the largest number of new careers advisor, Brett Lambert who is keenmembers of the association in England. In to turn none believers to the OT dark side. The committee is made up of a number oforder for this newsletter to be a success different OT’s and advisors so that we areand a resource for Occupational Therapist able to offer the best service to ourwe are very keen to hear from you so that members so please get in touch and startwe can keep the newsletter vibrant and using your committee today.interesting. Email: ny.baot@googlemail.comTania TullochChair
  2. 2. we support. It has been a very busy time, sourcing and ordering promotional goods, writing adverts and liaising closely with COT. However, it has also been a very enjoyable and rewarding experience.The regional committee has a number ofpositions coming up for election in January Treasurer: The role of treasurer involves a2010. Below is some information from the level of responsibility, accountability,current members to wet your appetite on attention to detail and an interest inthe benefits of getting involved. figures/finance is helpful. The treasurer isChair: I have found being chair a very more often than not involved in everyrewarding experience. Although I have activity of the Committee as any incomingbeen an Occupational Therapist for many or outgoing finance attached to theyears, I found that my understanding of activities passes via the person in this role. Ihow the professional body was working for would be very happy to discuss the roleme was greatly enhanced by the with anyone who is interested in puttingexperience. I also believe that as members themselves forward as the “treasurer of theof the professional body, it’s important to future”.be able to influence and shape it by If you are interested in a position on thegetting our voices heard. Being part of a committee or would like to attend one ofregional committee provides a good our meetings please email us, we hope toopportunity to do this. see you there soon!Vice Chair: The major role of the vice chair ny.baot@googlemail.comis attending the English Board meetings atCOT. The English Board meets 4 times a Student Zoneyear and reports on the activities from the Congratulations to the Teesside Studentregions. This allows regional committees to Group for organising this year’s regionalfeed the views and opinions of its members student conference, which was a complete success. We understand thatto COT council. Opportunities to support students from Cumbria University areother COT activities, for example in interested in hosting the event next year.December I will representing the EnglishBoard at a COT Think Tank day looking at There are many student groups in theupdating COT professional standards; region. To advertise your group or to findallows the opportunity for insight into the out if there is a group at your Uni just sendissues impacting on our profession. me an email; ny.baot@googlemail.comPublicity: In my role as publicitycoordinator I am involved in many The regional committees student representative position is due to beactivities that seek to promote the role of elected in January. If you are a BAOTthe Occupational Therapist and generally student member studying in the regionraise the profile of the profession. I liaise then you are eligible to stand for the post.closely with the marketing team at COT If you would like to know more emailand ensure that regional events have the ny.baot@googlemail.comappropriate publicity materials. Icontribute to the planning and Rob Berry Student Representativeorganisation of the regional groupsLifelong Learning event and other events
  3. 3. Help, we need somebody! appropriate, however some assistants attending the event appeared to take away something from the practical elements we discussed.The regional committee is hoping todistribute a newsletter on a quarterly basis. Recently Shirley and I also ran a stall at theHowever, it will be nothing without you. We Leeds Community Trust/PCT conference onneed your stories of good practice, events Monday 2nd November. They were veryyou are holding, information on a local pleased to see us there, and I took thisgroup in the area, anything you want to opportunity to hand out flyers for the LLLshout about to colleagues in the region. event (Always plugging something!). ThisNo article is too big or small; if it is of gave us an opportunity to promote OT andinterest to you it will be of interest to others inform people what the regionalin the region. committee can offer. All in all a good few months recruiting.You may have also noticed the recentlaunch of the new website. It is hoped in Rachel Booththe near future we will be able to post Recruitment Officerinformation on this page and have more Calling all Stewardseditorial control of its contents. Thereforewe would welcome any information you This year’s UNISON seminar was held on 22may wish to include such as local group & 23 October 2009 in Edinburgh. There wascontact information and events. positive feedback following the event. Stewards were particularly pleased atWe really would welcome the feedback of being able to network with fellow stewardsyou all to make the web page and the and participate in workshops on topicsnewsletter something that is of use to you such as TUPE and handling grievancewithin the region. Please provide us with cases. Further feedback will be included in the December edition of OTN.your comments Any stewards who would like copies of theEmail: presentations and workshop materials fromDidn’t they do well?! the seminar should email Remember, UNISON runs regular training courses for stewards on handling casework, representing members and introduction to workplace law such as redundancy, unfair dismissal and race,Sophie and I recently presented a seminar disability and sex discrimination law. Foron OT at the recent DNEX event in more info on courses being run in yourNewcastle. It is always hard to know who region contact your local union learning rep or regional education officer or go toyour audience is going to be, on the firstday there did not appear to be many and college students, the audience spfor the presentation was mainly OT staff, soour presentation was not really Shirley Palfreeman UNISON Representative
  4. 4. Going From Strength to StrengthRecently the BAOT in England has seen itsmembership numbers grow by nearly 500new members.On a regional level the Northern & RCOMH was launched at the RoyalYorkshire region has seen the most growth Society of Medicine on the 29th Januaryin membership as compared to others. 2009. Its mission is to: to develop worldRecently our membership has increased by class research in occupation and mental169 to 3590 members. Other regions saw health to influence best practice. If youtheir membership increase by between 18 would like to receive information aboutto 83 members. Good work everyone on RCOMHs work sign up to our e-bulletin, Thepromoting BAOT membership within the Bridge at What’s on?HEI’s JanuaryNorthumbria University’s Occupational 8th – Northumbria Student ConferenceTherapy programs still remain full to 19th – Healthy Lifestyles: Using cycling incapacity year on year. Graduate Occupational Therapy @ COT, Londonrecruitment is positive with a number of 29th – MOHOST workshop @ COT, Londongraduates seeking employment in non- 29th – Masterclass - Assessing and Treatingtraditional roles. Fatigue: skills and strategies for Occupational Therapy practice @ COT,Northumbria is also celebrating the success Londonof a member of staff and two studentsbeing selected to present at the 2010 FebruaryWFOT Congress in Chile. As well as staff 4th – Dame Alan’s School careers event,and student papers being accepted for Newcastlethe next COT annual conference in 9th – Mount School careers event, YorkBrighton. 15-19th – AMPS course @ COT, LondonStaff and a student from Teesside University Marchwill also be attending the 2010 WFOT 10th – Masterclass, Obesity ManagementCongress so there should be a good and Health Promotion in Forensic Settingsrepresentation of the talent within our @ COT, Londonregion. 11th – UKOTRF Outcome Measures and Effective Practice @ COT, LondonAs discussed in the Student Zone, staff andspeakers who attended the recent student For more information visit,conference hosted by Teesside have said alternatively if you would like to supportthe event was excellent and a great any of the regional events listed or wouldrepresentation of what students in the like further information please email:region can achieve. ny.baot@googlemail.comWell done to all 2007 graduates from Leeds Newsletter content editedMetropolitan University for successfully bygaining OT posts. Sarah-Jayne Berry Casual Website CoordinatorSamantha ShannEducation Representative