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Troubleshooting Tips


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Troubleshooting tips for for downloading eBooks and eAudiobooks for patrons of the Baldwin Public Library in Birmingham, MI

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Troubleshooting Tips

  1. 1. eAudiobooks – Extra Tips & Tricks DATE @ "MMMM d, yyyy" March 1, 2011<br />1. To Convert Your Books to Audiobooks (Useful for MP3 books):<br /><ul><li>Plug-in Your iPod
  2. 2. Open iTunes
  3. 3. Click: Music (under your iPod)
  4. 4. Click on the track(s) for your books
  5. 5. File Get Info
  6. 6. Click: Options
  7. 7. Change Media Kind to Audiobooks
  8. 8. Make sure that “Remember playback position” is checked
  9. 9. Click: OK</li></ul>2. To Delete a Book off Your iPod<br /><ul><li>Plug-in Your iPod
  10. 10. Open iTunes
  11. 11. Click: Music (under your iPod)
  12. 12. Click on the tracks that you want to delete
  13. 13. Click “Delete” on the keyboard
  14. 14. Confirm the deletion
  15. 15. Tip: to select multiple consecutive tracks, click the first one, hold down the “shift” key, click the last one
  16. 16. Tip: to select multiple non-consecutive tracks, click the first one, hold down the “control” key, and click each track that you’d like to delete.
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  18. 18. 3. Navigating iTunes
  19. 19. To get to the Summary Screen (screen shown)
  20. 20. Manually Manage Music
  21. 21. Music (under you iPod)</li></ul>Troubleshooting DATE @ "MMMM d, yyyy" March 1, 2011<br />1. Some common problems:<br /><ul><li>Is all of your software up-to-date (iTunes, Windows Media Player, iPod/iPhone software, apps, etc…)?</li></ul>2. eAudiobooks<br />Can’t download? Did you perform the Windows Media Player Security Upgrade?<br />Can’t transfer to an iPod? Did you set your iPod to “Manually Manage Music”?<br />Can’t find your book? Check under “Music” instead of Audiobooks (common after transfer with MP3 books – instructions on changing the files to an audiobook are included in your instruction)<br />3. eBooks<br />Can’t transfer books? Did you register your device with the same information that you used to register your Adobe Digital Editions?<br />Software is not working with your device? Do you have a Sony Reader? Don’t bother with Adobe Digital Editions – the books will work perfectly with your Sony Software.<br />Is there a lot of blank space every 2-3 pages of your book? Check to see if it is a PDF book. ePub books have reflowable text and when you increase the font, they’ll adjust accordingly. PDF books don’t have that ability, so if you increase the font size, you’ll get blank space every 2-3 pages. <br />eBooks – Navigation<br /><ul><li>1. Navigating Adobe Digital Editions
  22. 22. 2879090163830
  23. 23. To get to the library screen (top box)
  24. 24. Bookshelves (bottom box)