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Online Treasure Hunting


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The presentation from the October 2010 presentation for Online Treasure Hunting

Published in: Technology
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Online Treasure Hunting

  1. 1. Online Treasure Hunting
  2. 2. Online Treasure Hunting • Your Instructor: Kathryn Bergeron Systems Librarian 248/554-4650
  3. 3. Agenda 1. Advanced Searching Techniques 1. Searching a phrase 2. Searching within a site 3. Perform Multiple Searches 2. Advanced Google Searching 1. Dictionary 2. Conversions 3. Tracking 3. Advanced Library Searching 1. Catalog 2. Library Databases
  4. 4. Computer & Internet Use @ the Library • Acceptable Use Policy – Obey all laws regarding copyright – No obscene/harmful to minors material – No damage to equipment or network – No personal software – No illegal activities
  5. 5. Advanced Searching Techniques • Many are common across search engines • Some are particular to a certain search engine • They can be used in databases, search engines, individual websites, etc…
  6. 6. Searching a Phrase • Most common way: enclose the phrase in quotation marks “nights are long but you're on your way” • This is a lyric from the theme song to “Who’s the Boss”. • Without quotes, it doesn’t appear on page 1 • With the quotes it is result #1 • Works in Google, Yahoo!, and Bing and many other databases and search engines • Be wary, if you use the wrong word, you’ll miss your result (i.e. nights are long but I’m on my way)
  7. 7. Searching within a site • If a website does not have a “search site”, try searching within a site Bing & Yahoo!: Google: treasure hunting • It will search all of the sub-sites listed to that domain
  8. 8. Perform Multiple Searches • Use the OR to search for several different terms Red Wings Stanley Cup 1997 OR 1998 • This will search for either the Stanley Cup win in 1997 or the one in 1998 – Otherwise you’ll be searching for both 1997 and 1998 wins • Google or Yahoo! And many other searches
  9. 9. Advanced Google Searching • Google has all kinds of specific search engines • Performing a normal Google search will bring up results from other Google search engines at the top Michigan Elections • Brings up news and video results
  10. 10. Google Searching - Dictionary • Need the definition of a word… define: library • It will automatically bring you to a collection of definitions for the word “library”
  11. 11. Google Searching - Conversions • Google can do your conversions: 3 lbs in kg time Hong Kong 10 us dollars in pounds 2 cups in tbsp • Unit Conversions, time conversion, currency conversion, and cooking conversions
  12. 12. Google Search - Tracking • Google can do your tracking weather movies Delta 2044 GOOG 1Z9999W99999999999 • Track weather, movies, flights, stocks, and packages • Google knows where you are, so either of the following will bring the same results: weather Farmington Hills, MI Weather – Our Internet Service is routed from Farmington Hills, so within the library you will get results for Farmington Hills, but from home you should get whichever city you are in.
  13. 13. Advanced Library Searching • You can use your advanced searching within the library
  14. 14. Advanced Library Searching - Catalog Browse Keyword Exact Type of Search Power Search
  15. 15. Advanced Library Searching - Catalog • Browse – Use this when you think you the beginning of a title but aren’t sure – i.e. Girl with the serpent markings • Keyword – Use this when you don’t know the first word of a title – i.e. Dragon Girl • Exact – Use only when you are sure that you know the whole title (no “a”, “an”, or “the”) – i.e. Girl with the Dragon Tattoo **All examples are for the book “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo”
  16. 16. Advanced Library Searching – Catalog – Types of Search • Title – Publish History • Author – Yates (last name first, for a browse) • Subject – Genealogy • Words or Phrase - Family History • Donor - BPL Staff • Honoree - Wojtowicz • Series - Harry Potter • Periodical Title - New York Times
  17. 17. What Is a Database? • A place to… – …find reliable information – …expand your knowledge – …learn a new skill – …search for answers
  18. 18. Where to start – Getting to the Databases 1. Double click on Internet Explorer – the Baldwin Public Library Website will open 2. Hover Over “Library Collections” and click on “Databases”
  19. 19. You’ve found our databases! Note: If you’re trying this from home, you can go directly to:
  20. 20. Navigation • The Categories on the top help you find the database you’re looking for: Academic, Business, Law or Health, for example • If you know the database you’re looking for, try clicking on the “To Find Databases Alphabetically, click here”
  21. 21. Just Click! • Now, click on the database that you want to visit! • From home, you’ll be asked for your library card number and your pin number – If you have an alternate id, you can use that, but be sure to enter it in all caps! – We can help you with this information after class, or call us with your library card number.
  22. 22. Advanced Library Searching – Library Databases • Most library databases will have advanced searching methods for when you get stuck • Look for an “advanced search” link • Look for a “search tips” link • Examples: – Ancestry Library: Search Tips – Health and Wellness Resource Center: Search Tips • You can also try AND, OR, and NOT in all caps (common in databases)
  23. 23. Baldwin Special Interest Pages • In order to help you better do subject specific searching, Baldwin has created subject specific pages • • Click on any of the subjects to get great places to search for subject specific information.
  24. 24. For more information… Kathryn Bergeron Adult Services Librarian 248/554-4650 Presentation Slides Available at: