Databases for Novel Destinations


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The handout from our Databases for Novel Destinations class

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Databases for Novel Destinations

  1. 1. Databases for Novel DestinationsBaldwin Public LibraryJuly 13, 2011<br />How to access databases from home:<br /><ul><li>Go to:
  2. 2. Find the database that you want:
  3. 3. All of these databases below will be listed under different categories.
  4. 4. Or try the a-z databases list. You can go directly to that list by going to:
  5. 5. Click on the link for that databases
  6. 6. Type in your library barcode and pin number
  7. 7. If you have an Alternate ID, make sure that you enter it in all CAPITALS
  8. 8. Voila! You’re at the database</li></ul>Library Databases:<br /><ul><li>Mango Languages:
  9. 9. Includes 34 languages (and growing)
  10. 10. Teaches English as a second language for speakers of multiple languages
  11. 11. Translate words from other languages and into other languages
  12. 12. Culture Grams:
  13. 13. Get information on countries around the world.
  14. 14. You can do fun things like get a printable flag and play the national anthem of any country.
  15. 15. Make sure to check out the customs and courtesies of the countries before going. You’ll make yourself look like less of a tourist and better enjoy your vacation.
  16. 16. Lands and Peoples:
  17. 17. Click on “Encyclopedia” to get an article about your destination
  18. 18. Use “Culture Cross” to compare two countries easily.
  19. 19. Use the electronic atlas to find your destination. Then look at the bottom of the window and you’ll get links to articles about that place.
  20. 20. WorldBook – World Newspapers:
  21. 21. Start with World Book Info Finder
  22. 22. Click on “More Newspapers”
  23. 23. Choose your country or your city and state
  24. 24. Click on one of the listed newspapers and it will bring you to the website for that newspaper
  25. 25. Use this to prepare yourself for local news and customs.</li></ul>Online Resources:<br /><ul><li>U.S. Department of State :
  26. 26. Find out about how to get or renew your passport.
  27. 27. Click on “International Travel” and choose your destination: You’ll get a description of the country, the ability to enroll in a “Smart Traveler” program, entry/exit requirements, safety threats, medical information, and other important information to know before you travel.
  28. 28. Try the “Tips for Traveling Abroad” area for important planning information and helpful tips to consider before traveling internationally.
  29. 29. Visit
  30. 30. This group includes the National Travel Organizations of the 27 countries in the EU as well as 12 other European countries (39 countries total).
  31. 31. Get tips on everything from public holidays to traveling Europe with a special diet. It will guide you through the right types of electrical converters and different time zones.
  32. 32. At the very bottom of every page is a link to “National Tourist Organisations”, which will bring you to the websites for each participating country’s tourism center.
  33. 33. Wikitravel*:
  34. 34. *Articles can be written by anyone, so please verify facts before you act upon them
  35. 35. Click on “off the beaten path” for great destinations that you might not think about
  36. 36. Travel Alerts will give you up-to-date information about happenings in different places
  37. 37. Lonely Planet:
  38. 38. Check out the articles to prepare yourself for travel anywhere. Topics include Travel Scams, 10 places to travel for a higher cause, and travel etiquette
  39. 39. Type in your destination to get tips on places to go and places to stay in most major cities.
  40. 40. Don’t miss the top picks section of each destination. Separate the wheat from the chaff
  41. 41. Frommers:
  42. 42. I would recommend browsing for your destination using the map rather than searching. You’ll get a great landing page for your destination, rather than having to navigate an onslaught of articles about it.
  43. 43. Click the arrows next to the star at the top of a list of places, hotels, restaurants, etc… to rearrange them based upon their rating.
  44. 44. Check the sidebar of any destination to get articles about that destination and to explore new aspects of it.
  45. 45. Adult Summer Reading:
  46. 46. The librarians put together a lot of in-library resources for different areas of the world
  47. 47. Click on the Middle East Booklist to get books, movies, cds, music, and language learning resources from the library
  48. 48. The Western Europe bibliography will give you links to different databases that will give you useful information about the area.</li></ul>Quick Tip: Type “translate ______ into French” to get a translation of any word or phraseQuick Tip: Type “$___ into Euros” to get an up-to-date money exchange rate.<br />