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Facts about garage door safety


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Facts about garage door safety

  1. 1. Facts About GarageDoor Safety
  2. 2. Practice Proper Garage Door Safety• A garage is an asset to any home because of the convenience of being able to park your vehicle inside away from inclement weather and offers additional storage space. The garage also provides the home with an added security feature with its heavy garage door that can be securely locked against intruders. Because of the sheer weight of the mechanical door, the International Door Association and the Access Systems Manufacturers Association warn consumers to take proper precautions to ensure safe and secure door operation.
  3. 3. Potential for Injury• Injury to children or adults can result from improper installation and operation of garage doors and garage door openers. The homeowner and anyone in the house who operates the garage door should know how to operate and maintain safety of the system.
  4. 4. Potential for Injury • Safety is sometimes overlooked where garage doors are concerned, but the potential for injury from improper operation requires that all operators use safety precautions at all times. Many serious injuries or even fatalities can occur if proper installation and operation procedures are not followed.
  5. 5. Proper Installation• It is advisable to have a garage door installed professionally, but it can be installed safely by following the owners manual that comes with the door. The installer must follow all recommended safety procedures. Once it is installed according to instructions listed in the manual, the door must be properly maintained to ensure that it operates safely at all times. A trained service technician should perform an annual inspection to test for proper operation and potential problems.
  6. 6. Proper Safety Procedures for Children• Teach children that the door and the opener are dangerous if misused. Never allow children to play with the operating system. Keep them from standing or playing under the door at all times, but especially if the door is open. Keep all controls for the door, including remotes, away from children. Make sure the push button that operates the door is at least five feet off the floor and safely out of the reach of a small child.
  7. 7. Safety Precautions for Adults.• Because the door sections can cause severe pinch injuries, keep hands and fingers away when operating the door. Test the doors reverse mechanism monthly to ensure that it will reverse when encountering an object. Close the door completely and never leave it partially open.
  8. 8. Safety Precautions for Adults. • Even a slight opening can result in easier access for home invaders. Take proper precautions with the storing of the remote control. Do not leave it in an open vehicle.
  9. 9. Maintenance Recommendations for Safety• Keep garage doors working safely and properly by adhering to some basic safety standards. Apply extreme caution when attempting to replace springs or cables on the door. Garage door openers sold in North America after 1992 are equipped with sensors designed to stop or reverse when they meet with resistance. Be certain to place them no higher than six inches above the ground and ensure that they remain unobstructed at all times. Adhering to these recommendations can limit injuries and save lives.
  10. 10. Further Reading…• Automated Door Systems Ltd. Carries a wide range of garage doors & electronic openers that meet all safety requirements. Visit us today at for more information.