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Phoenix Surplus Auction: Getting a Deal on Unwanted City Property


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Along with the good deals, the diversity of items at a Phoenix surplus auction is a major attraction. Since anything a municipality uses in any of its departments can show up at auction, you never know what you’ll find. In fact, a surplus auction is one of the best places to shop for all kinds of property at discounted prices.

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Phoenix Surplus Auction: Getting a Deal on Unwanted City Property

  1. 1. Phoenix Surplus Auction:Getting a Deal on Unwanted City Property
  2. 2. PHOENIX SURPLUS AUCTION• Phoenix surplus auctions are held when municipalities have property theyno longer need.• This doesn’t mean the property doesn’t hold any value. On the contrary,the property just doesn’t have any further use for the city.• The municipality will usually contract with a third-party auction service tomanage the entire auction process.• The auction house can conduct the Phoenix surplus auction in a live,online or combination of live and online format.• Through a Phoenix surplus auction, a municipality can dispose of unusedproperty conveniently and earn extra revenue easily at the same time.• The city government also saves money by auctioning off the propertyinstead of paying monthly for storage facilities.
  3. 3. PHOENIX SURPLUS AUCTION• Phoenix surplus auctions are open to the public.• Visiting the auction house’s website prior to auction day will outline allthe requirements in detail. • The auction house’s website will also indicate when you can inspect theitems up for auction. You can view them online, but most Phoenixsurplus auctions also allow scheduled inspection times so you can viewthe items in person prior to the live auction.• These inspection periods are crucial because they allow you to determinethe condition of each item.• Based on an item’s condition, you can come up with a true market value.With this information, you can finalize your bidding strategy and set yourmaximum bid.
  4. 4. PHOENIX SURPLUS AUCTIONWhat Can You Expect to Find at a Phoenix Surplus Auction? •Items offered at a Phoenix surplus auction can include anything amunicipality uses in the course of its business they no longer need.•If you think of all the departments within a city government, you can get anidea of all the things that can show up on the auction block.•For example, you’ll find vehicles, heavy equipment, tools, computers,electronics, office furnishings, restaurant equipment, artwork and more.•You must understand these items can be in good condition. Just because acity department no longer needs an item does not mean it’s inferior in anyway. It could mean a department ordered more equipment than they actuallyneeded.•The auction house will try to describe the condition of the item in as muchdetail as possible.
  5. 5. PHOENIX SURPLUS AUCTIONWhat Can You Expect to Find at a Phoenix Surplus Auction? •For certain reasons, the city may have had to upgrade equipment. However,the old equipment still has many years of useful life, and value, left.•Another reason a city may decide to get rid of some items is if they need tomake room and existing storage space could be better utilized.
  6. 6. PHOENIX SURPLUS AUCTIONWhy Attend a Phoenix Surplus Auction? •Attending a Phoenix surplus auction creates a win-win-win situation.•In other words, bidders, municipalities and taxpayers benefit when cityitems no longer needed are auctioned.•Attendees can get some great deals at below market value.•The municipality earns extra revenue on stuff they no longer needed andthey can clear out storage space. The added revenue to the city coffersreduces the amount taxpayers have to fund city operations.•Phoenix surplus auctions draw attendees for two reasons: the opportunityto get a smoking deal and the huge variety of items available on a regularbasis to the public. You just never know what you’ll find and at what price.
  7. 7. ABOUT THE AUTHORDeb Weidenhamer is President of AuctionsSystems Auctioneers & Appraisers, Inc., basedin Phoenix, Arizona. They specialize inauctions and professional appraisals.Visit us athttp://www.AuctionandAppraise.comor call 800-801-8880 for more information aboutPhoenix Surplus Auction.