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Renew your Domain for free with BigRock!


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Bigrock ( has launches its ‘Refer a Friend‘ program to help you. Be smart, and reap the benefits.

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Renew your Domain for free with BigRock!

  1. 1. BigRock’s ‘Refer a friend‘Program
  2. 2. BigRockYou get a lot of promotional emails offering you various discounts almoston a daily basis. But BigRock’s making you an offer you can’t refuse!How does a free renewal for your domain sound?That’s the smile you have onyour face right now, don’tyou?And there’s no catch, just incase your mind startsracing!01
  3. 3. BigRockIntroducing to you BigRock’s ‘Refer a friend‘ program.02
  4. 4. BigRockNothing in life comes free, butyour domain renewal will!All you need to do is refer yourfriends to BigRock and if andwhen they sign up, your domaingets automatically renewed for awhole year, without any cost toyou. We’ll provide you with a personalized coupon that you’ll have to share with your friends, family and everyone else on the planet and get them to sign up using your coupon. 03
  5. 5. BigRock So how can I spread the word?You can email your friends directly from the Refer A Friend page onBigRock or share an update on Facebook or Tweet about it.04
  6. 6. BigRockAlternatively, if you want to make surethat your friends really do sign up forthis, go ahead and post on theirFacebook walls and tweet out to themas much as you want.Remember, the more newcustomers you refer, the more yearsyour domain is renewed for. 05
  7. 7. BigRockIt’s always advisable to let yourfriends know why you signed up atBigRock and why you’d like themto sign up too. A vote of confidencealways works! There isn’t really a time limit for until when your friends can sign up, but let them not keep this pending forever and wake up one day and find your coupon link broken.06
  8. 8. BigRockThe ‘Refer a Friend‘ program is here to help you.Be smart, and reap the benefits.02
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