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What are some simple recipes with a lot of carbohydrates article #2


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What are some simple recipes with a lot of carbohydrates article #2

  1. 1. What are some simple recipes with a lot of carbohydrates?MONDAY,NOVEMBER 14, 2011 @ 00:46Question by kevin_jamester: What are some simple recipes with a lot ofcarbohydrates?I need an easy, quick recipe for a class that has carbohydrates. I don‘t care if theirsimple or complex, as long as it‘s quick.Best answer:Answer by Sugar PieFUNKY MONKEY BREAD2 ( 16 oz) cans ―Grands‖ refrigerated biscuits½ cup butter1 cup light brown sugar1 Tablespoon cinnamon1 cup mini marshmallowsPreheat oven to 375°. Open one can of biscuits and cut each biscuit in half and then infourths. Place biscuit pieces all around the bottom of a Bundt pan sprayed with Pam.Place butter, brown sugar and cinnamon in a bowl and microwave for about 1 minute,until butter is melted. Stir together until combined. Drizzle half the butter mixtureover the biscuit pieces. Sprinkle with half the marshmallows (1/2 cup).Repeat with the second can of biscuits and remaining ingredients. Bake about 25minutes. Let cool in pan for 10 minutes and then carefully turn pan upside down overa plate.Pull pieces off to eat it with your fingers…like a monkey!——————–Gourmet Hot Chocolate Mix1 25-oz. box non-fat dry milk1 16-oz. jar non-dairy creamer1 15- or 16-oz. container Nestle‘ Quik1 13-oz. jar malted milk powder1 cup powdered sugar1 cup Ghirardelli Sweet Ground Chocolate and CocoaMix all of the ingredients in a very large container. Use a wire whisk to be sure it isdistributed evenly. Divide mixture into jars with tight lids.
  2. 2. To make hot cocoa: place 1/3 cup of dry mix into a mug. Add near-boiling water (orhot milk for richer cocoa) and stir well. You may use more or less mix to taste ordepending on the size of the mug.Which is better Organic Chia Seeds or Organic Flax seeds?Ordo they both have thesame nutritional value?FRIDAY,NOVEMBER 25, 2011 @ 01:15Question by sturner60653: Which is better Organic Chia Seeds or Organic Flaxseeds?Ordo they both have the same nutritional value?im shopping for a healthy snack to add bulk/fiber to my meals.which on should i go with?Best answer:Answer by StephanieI really like chia better than flax because it doesnt spoil and it has more nutrition. I getmine from . I actually had to grind mine because I dont haveenough digestive enzymes to break anything down but Im getting better.All chia is organic really because it does not have any bugs that attack it so it neverhas to be sprayed. Chia is higher in omega 3s , calcium, magnesium etc than flax. Ialso like acia berry powder which I recently found which is high on the OREK valueand also considered a super food.What do you think? Answer below!{ Comments on this entry are closed }Chia Seed and Attention Deficit DisorderTHURSDAY,NOVEMBER 24, 2011 @ 02:17Article by Jared D. IngramIt is not a secret that researchers today are still in search for effective cures for a lot ofdisorders and diseases. Herbal or holistic medicine is a great contributor to suchfindings that make it easier to find cures. One of the developments of holisticmedicine is the discovery of Chia seeds.The Wonder Seed, the Ancient Food of theFuture, the Power and Brain Food- these are just a few names or monikers attached toChia seed. Starting from the time of the Aztecs, Salvia Hispanica or Chia seeds slowlyemerged as one of the best resources of vitamins and minerals. For centuries, Chiaseeds have been a staple food in Mexico and South America — two countries whereChia seeds can be abundantly found. Even before the world got a hold of its powers,Chia seeds have been known to locals in Mexico for providing endurance, energy and
  3. 3. stamina. There have been many studies that prove how much of a wonder seed Chiais. Proven facts about Chia Seeds have been published in many medical magazinesand books. Here are a few of their findings:Chia seeds are loaded with Omega 3 FattyAcids. Chia seeds are known for its high oil content and are an excellent source ofOmega 3 fatty acids. These make these wonder seeds essential on diets on people whoare getting treatment for depression and mood disorders. It‘s also highly noted toalleviate certain brain disorders such as Alzheimer‘s disease and Attention DeficitDisorder or ADD. Although there are other great sources of Omega 3s like flax seeds,udos oil and fish oils, Chia seeds continues to be the number 1 choice as it is said thatits oil content are three to ten times more than these other alternatives. Chia seeds arealso much cheaper compared to them so it‘s the preference of many.Chia seeds arepacked with vitamins and minerals that help strengthen the body. Calcium, Iron, Zinc,Phosphorous and Potassium-these are just a few vitamins and minerals found on asingle seed of Chia. It is also rich in antioxidants, fiber and Vitamin C. Chia seeds aregreat for the specialized diet because it‘s very rich in Omega 3. Chia seeds have beena main ingredient in children that have been diagnosed with hyperactivity or morefamously known as Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder or ADHD. Several clinicsin Ireland that practices Cognitive Behaviors Therapies or CBT swear in Chia seeds inhelping with the brain functions and treatment of these hyperactive children. Chiaseeds also help people lose weight, as it‘s very rich in fiber, which help stopscholesterol and makes the person full after a few bites.Chia seeds are also good fordiabetics. It was shown in studies that Chia seeds help in stabilizing the blood sugarand preventing hypertension as well.Science and medicine have always worked hand and hand to make our lives easierand get treatments for health issues and disorders but with Chia seeds, nature isproving to be something really amazing.Are you looking for more information regarding Alzheimer‘s disease ?Visit today!Energize Your Life With 1 Powerhouse Antioxidant – Coenzyme Q10TUESDAY,NOVEMBER 22, 2011 @ 01:43What Is Coenzyme Q10?
  4. 4. You may have heard of Coenzyme Q10 or CoQ10 but most people don‘t realize howimportant this is for our bodies and our lifestyle fitness plans. CoQ10 is in almostevery single cell in the human body. This means that it is found in literally billions ofcells in the human body and must be for significant reasons. CoQ10 is one of the mostimportant nutrients that your body needs for energy production and it is also one ofthe most powerful antioxidants available. Unfortunately as we age our bodies haverapidly declining CoQ10 levels. Many things are responsible for depleting CoQ10levels which include toxins, stress, aging, as well as the statin drugs (HMG-CoAreductase inhibitors) that Americans take for heart problems and high cholesterol.Some doctors believe there is a link between age related health problems and thedecline of CoQ10 levels in the body.As you read on you will realize how important CoQ10 is in your lifestyle fitnessprogram.Bad Cholesterol, Blood Pressure, and Heart DiseaseCoQ10 can be an enormous help with some of the most common ailments that weface as our bodies age.As an antioxidant CoQ10 can support arterial health by helping to inhibit LDLcholesterol from being oxidized and regenerating Vitamin E for even moreantioxidant protection. Its effects on bood pressure have been proven in clinical trialswhere those taking CoQ10 showed reduced blood pressure readings. With CoQ10supporting so many arterial and cardiovascular systems it really pays to be proactiveby including CoQ10 to prevent heart disease and the possibility of surgery later inlife.CoQ10 can promote many health benefits. Some of the uses for supplemental CoQ10include diabetes, migraine headaches, gum disease, improved exercise performance,immune disorders, asthma, and neurodegenerative problems. CoQ10 has become verywell known for improving cardiovascular health and some studies have looked atCoQ10′s impact on the heart and benefits to blood pressure. It is important on somany cellular levels that a decline in CoQ10 will start to effect you in many ways. Infact, researchers have found decreased Coenzyme Q10 levels in 39% of people whosetests showed high blood pressure!Declining CoQ10
  5. 5. The human body can create its own CoQ10 but the rate of production starts to declineat the age of 20 and starts a very rapid decline once a person reaches 40. A poornutritional program can also be responsible for the decline of CoQ10 in the body. Thebody needs vitamins B2, B6, B12, C, folic acide, niacinamide, and pantothenic acid tosynthesize CoQ10 in the body. Statin drugs deplete CoQ10 very quickly but researchhas shown that taking supplemental CoQ10 can completely reverse the CoQ10decline in the body. The evidence is so compelling that a petition has been filed withthe FDA to request a CoQ10 recommendation be listed on statin drug labels. Toxinsare another reason for rapid CoQ10 decline in the body. Since CoQ10 is such apotent antioxidant your levels can be quickly depleted by destroying free radicals inthe body. In the book Ultrametabolism , by Dr. Mark Hyman, he suggestssupplementing with CoQ10 to get the metabolism sparked to improve mitochondrialhealth which aids in energy production and fat loss. It will actually aid and fix yourimpaired mitochondria‘s. This is why so many people have reported a very noticeableincrease in energy after taking a CoQ10 supplement for a couple of weeks.Natural SourcesCoQ10 can be added to your natural diet but to get 30mg worth you would have to eateither 1 pound of sardines, 2 pounds of beef, 2.5 pounds of peanuts, 2.5 pounds ofherring, 30 tbsp. of canola oil, or 30 cups of broccoli. If you plan on eating thesefoods make sure not to fry them because that will also deplete the CoQ10. Gettingenough CoQ10 from your diet can be a difficult and expensive task. Looking at thecost to efficiency ratio it is much cheaper to get a high quality CoQ10 supplement toadd to your daily diet.Safety and SupplementationCoQ10 has been shown to be extremely safe when used as a supplement. Ask yourdoctor about a recommended level to suit your needs. A level of 30-60 mg/day isrecommended to prevent CoQ10 deficiency but some people under heavy oxidativestress have taken 200-300 mg/day for several weeks to help repair their systems priorto going to a lower maintenance level. Adding CoQ10 may help you achieve energylevels that you haven‘t experienced since your youth. If you have been thinking aboutadding an antioxidant to your life CoQ10 can give you those benefits plus many more.Rick Porter is a fitness solutions expert with 25 years of training experience. Clickhere for the latest fitness tips, fat loss reviews, supplement reviews. Also be sure to
  6. 6. check out our buy 1 get 2 free store specials full of natural supplements for fat loss,fitness, muscle building, and general health.{ Comments on this entry are closed }High 5 Sensible Advantages of Coenzyme Q10MONDAY,NOVEMBER 21, 2011 @ 01:01Article by Russel kaneThe proper functioning of the coenzyme is completely dependent on the substanceknown as Coenzyme Q10. The letter Q and the amount 10 point toward the elementsof the compounds of chemical structure.The advantages of coenzyme Q10 starts fromour daily food intake. The food sources for this enzyme are the organ meats,polyunsaturated vegetable oils, spinach and fish like sardines and tuna.The CoQ10 isanother source of vitamins, which is found in every cell within the body. Thiscoenzyme enables the distinctive biochemical procedures within the body. Adenosinetriphosphate (ATP) may be a substance that is needed for the assembly of energy incells. Here are the top five practical benefits of coenzyme Q10 on health.1. CoQ10remedy for the heart related diseasesThe patients who were thought to die of heartillness were administered with the CoQ10 doses of approximately 50-150 mg. Afterthe conclusion of the course, some patients returned to their traditional life and a fewhad substantial development on their health status.The coenzyme is mainly used toconserve the guts muscles from the oxidative stress. Due to this type of stress, manyheart connected diseases are seen in these days. CoQ10 remedy for the cancerpatientsIn 1961, cancer patients were found to possess low level of coenzyme Q10 intheir body cells. Since then the eye for the employment of the coenzyme wasstarted.The market has some CoQ10 supplements that are used to stop the expansionof the cancer cells. CoQ10 use as anti aging sourceEvery cell in our body containscoenzyme Q10. It is the main source of energy and antioxidant power. These both arethe rationale for a fit skin. CoQ10 is one amongst the foremost essential substancesyour skin wants to stay it lovely and strong. Hence, it is advisable to require CoQ10supplements repeatedly.4. CoQ10 for a vigorous gumsThe studies conducted in the1970′s revealed that the gum tissues obtained from the patients littered withperiodontal illness was significantly low in coenzyme. CoQ10 use in Parkinson‘ssicknessCoenzyme Q10 is naturally gift in every person‘s body cells. However, theyare currently on the market as supplements. To add it up, it‘s better to requireprevious consultation from a physician before taking Coenzyme Q10 supplement as
  7. 7. it‘s not essential that anything that is appropriate for someone can conjointly be usefulfor you as well.Keep Yourself Healthy with Chemically Untouched, Natural Organic FruitsFRIDAY,NOVEMBER 25, 2011 @ 01:15Article by Dev SriIt is quite easy to find fruits in open market. We know the fruits come chemicaltreated at various stages. Most fruits we consume are grown and preserved withchemical aid.Think how a fruit is grown in a farmer‘s orchard. The plant is supported by chemicalfertilizers. These fertilizers help the plants grow fast and yield more fruits. Abundanceof pesticides and insecticides are applied at the orchards to prevent pests and insects.In many cases of mechanized harvesting, chemicals are also applied for quick fallingof unripe fruits.It goes without saying these chemicals ultimately accumulate in human bodies,causing several health problems at a later period.Naturally occurring fruits are hard to come across and usually involves efforts fromyour own part to take a trekking to the wilderness. If you are at the local markets nearhill stations of Kerala, your luck rate is higher to find naturally bred fruits grown inthick dense forests. Not only Kerala South India, but tropical countries of Africa arealso rich source of natural fruits that are not contaminated by chemicals.Wild plants generally produce lesser number of fruits and the size will also besmaller. Such fruits however have the advantages that they are never fumigated orotherwise chemically treated for bigger size, better taste or large quantity produce.The grapes you buy from general market have pesticides on its skin. This pesticide isnot quickly rinsed away. The result will be more chemicals in your body.There are also scalable differences in the performance of naturally grown fruits andchemically treated artificial fruits.
  8. 8. While natural fruits stay fresh for a few days after falling down or harvesting,chemically treated fruits rot in a day or two. This is the same for all kinds of fruits.Natural fruits tend to bear highly functional seeds. Most artificially cultivated fruitshave seedless varieties or varieties with poorly developed seeds. The artificial fruitsgenerally are in the ‗sterile‘ zone. I.e. they are not capable of reproduction. All of theexamples suggest that cultivated and chemical treated fruits are inferior to naturallyoccurring fruits.It is not practicable for everyone to find naturally occurring fruits from the forests.The closest healthy alternative to going to forests is growing organic crop. Though theplants doesn‘t get a wild environment where there is the right supply of temperature,water, bio-nutrients etc; chemical treating is absent.No GM crops apply here. Organic food is fresh and doesn‘t inject harmful chemicalsto your body.Vegans claiming to eat only healthy food do have a challenge before them to ensure ifthey are eating healthy fruits.Dev Sri writing about Benefits of No-Chemical Natural Fruits is part of disseminatinginformation about Ayurveda and Ayurvedic herbal medicine practices.Visit to find more about Ayurveda practices inKerala.Gluten Free approach: the BasisWEDNESDAY,NOVEMBER 23, 2011 @ 01:27Article by Tito ManlioGluten is grain gum, the unsolvable ingredient of grains (much as wheat, grain, andrye). It is a collection of gliadin, glutenin, and otherwise proteins. Gluten causesallergy-like reactions in certain group. While a gluten-free fasting is the firsthandtherapeutic communicating for celiac disease, this fasting may also amend abreadstuff of added conditions, including dermatitis herpetiformis, psoriasis,rheumatoid arthritis, HIV enteropathy, and schizophrenia. Arrest carefully-Learn the
  9. 9. more defamation that gluten can be institute low and see labels carefully to insure youare buying products that are truly gluten-free.Be thorough-In status to eradicatesymptoms altogether you someone to get rid of all sources of gluten, not retributory inyour food. For those with celiac disease this is a fasting that staleness be followed forthe relaxation of your vivification.Get support-It can be a stressed and tough deliver toalter to a gluten-free fast. Enroll the helpfulness of disciplined upbeat professionalsand funding groups with localised chapters like the Cavum Sprue Tie and the GlutenIntolerance Group of Region Ground.Prefer grains suchlike buckwheat, amaranth, rice, cereal, and quinoa, and starchesequal vine, soy, and tapioca as substitutes for gluten-containing productsCavity disease (also titled gluten enteropathy) is a disorder of the little gut defined bysensitivity to gluten. In group with cavum disease, eating gluten causes redness in andmodification to the lining of the runty gut, resulting in symptom, malabsorption, fat inthe defecate, and nutritional and vitamin deficiencies.A gluten-free diet is the quill treatment for cavum disease. Strict dodging of cereal,barleycorn, and rye (the troika most luxuriant sources of gluten) commonly improvesgastrointestinal symptoms within a few weeks, although in many cases shift mayswear galore months. Grouping with cavum disease moldiness take all gluten-containing foods from their diets in organisation to discharge symptoms. Pursuing agluten-free fasting has been shown to reduce the incidence of sign, low whiteasphaltic density, and infertility in persons with cavum disease.Group with dermatitis herpetiformis may help from mass a gluten-free diet. The effortof dermatitis herpetiformis is mainly an allergic-type activity. Gluten-sensitivityenteropathy is recovered in 75 to 90% of people with dermatitis herpetiformis.Different cavity disease, notwithstanding, gastrointestinal symptoms are humble orwanting. Exacting adherence to a lifelong gluten-free diet can reject dermatitisherpetiformis symptoms and enteral abnormalities, as asymptomatic as concentrate orreject the pauperization for medicament in most grouping. Yet, an calculate of 8 to 12months of dietetic regulating may be requisite before symptoms calculate. Not allpeople with dermatitis herpetiformis meliorate on a gluten-free fast. Preliminarystudies show sentience to else dietetical proteins may be participating.
  10. 10. Anecdotical information suggests that people with psoriasis may amend on ahypoallergenic diet. Digit trials fuck according that eliminating gluten (as saved incorn, rye, and barleycorn) landscaped psoriasis for whatsoever group. A physician canservice grouping with psoriasis determine whether gluten or separate foods arecontributing to their wound premise.Origin evidence suggests that a gluten-free fast may helpfulness amend symptoms ofrheumatoid arthritis. In one run, 14 weeks of a gluten-free (no cereal, rye or grain),virginal vegetarian fasting, gradually exchanged to a lactovegetarian fasting(permitting dairy), led to prodigious betterment in rheumatoid arthritis as evidencedby related symptoms as advisable as by verifiable workplace measures of disease.HIV enteropathy, a complexness of AIDS that is characterized by weight exit andconfirmed diarrhoea, may respond to a gluten-free fasting. In a overture trial, menwith HIV enteropathy seasoned a reduction in the assort of episodes of symptom asexcavation as prodigious weight rise while stalking a gluten-free fasting.For some geezerhood, researchers soul been speculating that reliable fare proteins,including gluten, may encourage to the symptoms of schizophrenia. Grouping withpsychosis are solon probable to possess immune-system reactions to gluten than themiscellaneous accumulation, according to whatsoever studies. Time clinical explorefindings have been inconsistent, whatsoever, but not all, people with psychosis maybenefit from a gluten-free (and dairy-free) diet.Normal Dose of EPA or DHA Omega 3 Fatty Acids: What The Experts SayWEDNESDAY,NOVEMBER 23, 2011 @ 01:45As two major components of omega3 essential fatty acids, EPA and DHA are vital toour overall good health. Perhaps you have found it difficult to find information onwhat would be considered a normal dose of EPA or DHA (eicosapentaenoic acid ordocosahexaenoic acid). I would like to share with you what some physicians andscientists recommend in aiding specific areas of the body.Researchers have concluded that these essential fatty acids can actually reversesymptoms of stress by raising serotonin and dopamine levels, and by blocking thepropagation of the hormones cortisol and adrenaline, which cause anxiety.
  11. 11. One leader of a Canadian study, Michel Lucas, Phd, of Laval University in Quebecrecommends taking a normal dose of EPA or DHA of one gram per day in capsuleform to relieve mild depression and lift your mood in a natural way.Deep sea cold-water fatty fish are the primary source of the valuable fish oils thatcontain these essential omega3 fatty acids.Recent findings issued in a report in the journal BMC Cancer have concluded thateating fatty fish like sea trout, mackerel, and salmon seem to have a shielding resultagainst breast cancer.These precious omega3s can only be acquired through food or dietary supplements asour body does not produce it on its own. In this article Dr. Cigler states thatpostmenopausal women in their research project who took 0.1 grams of EPA and 0.21grams of DHA per day from fish decreased their danger of breast cancer by 62percent.As you may well be aware, the American Heart Association has long been anadvocate of including these nutrients in our diets. Their recommendations of a normaldose of EPA or DHA are dependent on your heart health status.They advise that healthy people who have never had cardiac problems should eat avariety of fatty fish at least twice a week. Patients who have high triglycerides, whichclog blood vessel walls, need to take about 2 to 4 grams of EPA+DHA daily by takinga dietary supplement in capsule form.They suggest always consulting with a physician. In conclusion, they recommend thatpeople who have experienced coronary heart disease take about 1 gram of these twocombined omega3s each day from fatty fish or in capsule form, but again, under adoctor‘s supervised care.Studies have shown that rheumatoid arthritis patients have found relief from joint painand stiffness by taking a normal dose of EPA or DHA equivalent to one gram of theseomega3s daily. The essential fatty acids seem to block the chemicals that causeinflammation, resulting in improved flexibility and pain reduction.
  12. 12. These are only a few of the benefits and dosages of this wonderful nutrient, which isso vital for our overall good health. To find out more visit my web site listed below..Elizabeth Ruby is passionate about good health and is a firm believer in takingquality nutritional supplements. She has extensively researched Omega 3 fatty acidsfor optimal health. Check out her web site at to findout how she keeps her mind and body young and active, functioning fully with thehelp of Omega 3 Fish Oil.