Final project


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Final project

  1. 1. CMCL 440 Amber Rosbottom
  2. 2. Summary of StudyThe author, Jennifer Mize Smith, used the interpretiveapproach to interview employees about their Patronsapproach to Philanthropic activities.All interviews were recordedA qualitative case study was utilized to explore theways in which employees make sense of thecharitable practices communicated and enacted intheir workplace.
  3. 3. Research Question How do employees make sense of their employer’scorporate giving practices?
  4. 4. Relationship to courseThis research article correlates to this course byresearching how different groups of peoplecommunicate and interpret communication
  5. 5. Philanthropy
  6. 6. Philanthropy
  7. 7. Philanthropy
  8. 8. Discussion QuestionsWhat companies have you worked for in the past thathad philanthropy opportunities?Did the philanthropy have any bearing on the job?And what did you do for the philanthropy that yourcompany supported?
  9. 9. ReferencesMize Smith, J. (2012). All Good Works Are Not CreatedEqual: Employee Sensemaking of CorporatePhilanthropy. Southern Communication Journal, 77(5),369-388. doi:10.1080/1041794X.2012.680796