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Eating junk food during pregnancy raises newborn's risk of diabetes, obesity


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Eating junk food during pregnancy raises newborn's risk of diabetes, obesity

  1. 1. Eating junk food during pregnancy mayraise the chance of having obese childrenwho are more susceptible to diabetes,according to a Royal Veterinary College,London study.Researchers at RVC fed female ratsdoughnuts, muffins, chocolate, potatochips, cheese, cookies and candy duringpregnancy, and noted that the offspring ofthese rats were fatter, had more musclewaste, and showed signs of insulinresistance -- a precursor to type 2 diabetes-- when compared to control groups."In Western society, the proportion of obesechildren is increasing," said researcher professorNeil Stickland. "Childhood obesity is associated with a range of disorders, including heart disease,arthritis and the increasingly earlier onset of type 2 diabetes, which have important consequences on anindividuals quality of life."Stickland added that, while efforts to improve food in schools are positive steps, it is also important toeducate mothers on the consequences of indulging in sugary and fatty foods during pregnancy. "Eatinglarge quantities of junk food when pregnant and breastfeeding could be causing irreversible damage to
  2. 2. their unborn children and could send their offspring on the road to obesity and early onset of diabetes,"he said.The study was published in The Journal of Physiology, and now Stickland and colleague Dr. StephanieBayol are studying the long-term effects of poor diet during pregnancy on offspring, as well as thepossible effects on promoting hyperactive behavior."Eating junk food during pregnancy is extremely harmful to a developing fetus," said Mike Adams,author of "Grocery Warning" and proponent of prenatal nutrition. "To optimize the health of the child,all food adulterations and additives must be avoided, including hydrogenated oils, refined sugars,chemical sweeteners and preservatives. Failure to avoid these ingredients will greatly increase thechilds future risk of diabetes, heart disease, learning disabilities, cancer and even schizophrenia."