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Vision Presentation For Creative Zionist Network - 3 minute version


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A vision for the Jewish future by the founders of the PresenTense Institute for Creative Zionism -- this is the three minute version.

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Vision Presentation For Creative Zionist Network - 3 minute version

  1. 1. Creative Zionist Network
  2. 2. Opportunity Moving to a Post-Digital World: Creative Economy Traditional Jewish structures based on Industrial Age models do not speak to new generation New generation is made up of prosumers – marginalized geeks and rootless socially minded entrepreneurs seeking roots
  3. 3. Creative Zionist Network: an Information-Age framework, harnessing the potential of a global Jewish People rooted in the Jewish State Vision
  4. 4. Node Structure Community Space Creative Space Resident Space
  5. 5. Model London Buenos Aires Paris Bombay Moscow Interrelated network of nodes sharing resources and packets of human capital for large-scale social capital creation New York Singapore Jerusalem
  6. 6. Membership Structure System Admins: Staff employed by node to coordinate, educate and mentor Resident Fellows: Intensive incubation Fellows: Free access to full node resources Members: Access to community space and options for space use Hadracha: Resident and Visiting Faculty
  7. 7. Proof of Concept 18 Fellows from around the world Over 60 Members and Counting Proto-Node in Jerusalem for 6 Week Period Summer 2007 Institute
  8. 8. Favorable Trends Increased interest in socially-minded entrepreneurialism and incubators ROI120 Bikkurim PLP YCombinator SeedCamp TechStars Emagination Camps
  9. 9. Team Doers, not “Leaders”
  10. 10. Milestones Phase I: Pilot program, summer 2007 Phase II: Regional proto-nodes focusing on Creative Zionism and socially-minded entrepreneurialism Phase III: Summer 2008 – Larger summer institute to train staff and GearWeek for larger community Phase IV: Fall 2009 – Year-long Single or Dual Node Launch; First Node, Jerusalem Phase V: Fall 2011 – Multiple node roll-out as Fellows return to host countries
  11. 11. Get Involved Zionism is the movement to realize the collective potential of Am Israel – and that means that we need you .