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Picz Presentation General V2


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Published in: Spiritual, Technology
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Picz Presentation General V2

  1. 1. Presen T ense Institute for Creative Zionsm
  2. 2. We understand the need for fostering, developing and aligning the talent stream Why PICZ? We recognize that Jewish collective action is important, and that there is such a thing as Jewish mission: Normal is not enough We understand that Social Networks are the key to value in the Information Age, and the Jewish Network is due to an upgrade for efficient social capital creation We’re excited by pioneering and innovation
  3. 3. Node Structure Community Space Creative Space Resident Space
  4. 4. Eli Winkelman Avi Bass Came with: Talented rap skills and an idea for Bible raps Developed this: A Bible Rap curriculum that can affect youth on a national scale Matt Bar Came with: Successful local model for engagement, Challah4Hunger Gained this: Paradigm for decentralized activism, and inspiration to pursue her passions Came with: An idea for a trip to Israel and a passion for the Jewish State Developed this: An understanding of the operating environment and tools available
  5. 5. SROI 14 Fellows Already hundreds of people around the world As fellowship grows, and year long events generate more interest, number of people involved grows 2007 ImpactAliyah BibleRaps Challah HyperSemitic RoofTop Doogre 73 Members 2008 2009
  6. 6. Why it worked Network connected to the vision of a framework for innovation Strong community interest in content-rich programming Network capitalized on deal-flow to realize projects launched Alumni network vibrant – Fellows, Members and Faculty continue to interact and synergize. Established a positive narrative for Jewish youth and our collective future
  7. 7. Primary beneficiaries Local: Participate in revival of Jerusalem arts and culture, and make Jerusalem a hub of socially-minded pioneering in Israel Regional: Participate in transformation of Israel into a global leader in social pioneering, and reverse brain-drain to focus Jewish energies on solving problems in and from Israel Global: Direct new projects from the periphery into the mainstream, focus Jews on creativity and creative contribution to reshape the Jewish World
  8. 8. Garin of New Pioneers Doers, not “Leaders”