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Genre project

  2. 2. ROMANCEcan be described as a story with a primary focus on love and relationships. Most of the time this relationship is halted by a conflict or obstacle, but don’t worry they usually end with a happy ending .
  3. 3. When writing Romance literature you have to include some features…
  4. 4. Step one: Creating strong charactersHaving strong believable characters help your readers stay interested. Also making your characters realistic allows them to be easily relatable by your readers. You want your readers to be able to envision how they look, act and interact with each other and their environment.
  5. 5. The previous movie clip was from Twilight. This clip displayed, Step One: Strong andbelievable characters, Bella and Edward first time walking into school hand in hand as a couple. Most people can understand thissituation and picture it in their mind, if they were reading this scene in a book.
  6. 6. Step Two: Two main characters need to have some kind of instant attraction.This attraction can definitely be one-sided, You want theattraction to be real enough that your readers believe the characters want more.
  7. 7. This example was of a scene in Lucky One. Logan and Beth have this kind of“elementary” relationship. She’s attracted tohim but doesn’t want to show it at all. So thisattraction from Logan’s point of view wouldbe considered one-sided; when in reality the attraction is mutual.
  8. 8. Step Three: Forming a conflict or obstacles that the main characters have to overcome.This step forms the main drive of your story. The conflict is what keeps your readers/viewers interested. They should become glued to the story. However, the conflict must be resolved by the end of the story.
  9. 9. The Notebook had many conflicts withinit. Allie and Noah were from two differenteconomic classes. Her parents wanted herto marry someone of a higher social classand someone with money. This conceptultimately formed a bridge between Allieand Noah.
  10. 10. Step Four: Overcoming obstaclesHelp your characters get closer to their “happily ever after”.Start forming a connection between the two main characters (something that makes them become one). Help your readers feel the power of love. This is where the awe moments come in.
  11. 11. This trailer of The Vow shows how Paige and Leo have thisfun loving relationship and then one night they get into a car accident. The next few days Leo spends in the hospital,Paige is in critical condition with a coma. Once she gets out of the coma she cannot remember him, or anything for that matter. Leo stays by Paige’s side the whole time, through the rough times and helps her make it through. They over came this obstacle together as a couple.
  12. 12. Last but not least… Step Five: Happily Ever After This is why you chose this genre right?Close up any loose ends, make your readers feel like they areapart of the story. Readers read Romance literatureto find an escape or to gain hope about their love life. In the end your characters should be more in love than ever, with all of the conflicts resolved.
  13. 13. Cinderella a classic love story, Cinderella father passed awayleaving her with an evil stepmother and wicked step sisters. But the prince finally finds her, with her missing glassslipper and she realizes that life isn’t so bad. Cinderella and the Prince fall in love and live Happily Ever After
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