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Short film pitch


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Published in: Education
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Short film pitch

  1. 1. Short Film Pitch HOLLY THOMSON
  2. 2. GENRES THAT I ENJOY WATCHING AND WHY COMEDY • It allows for the audience to escape from the real world and allows them to forget about their own problems, it creates humour entertaining the audience throughout. THRIILER/HORROR • The sense of the unknown creates an exciting and thrilling feeling for the audience, the average person will never be in the same experience therefore they find it exciting to watch as well as watching the danger and knowing that they’re not in danger themselves. DRAMA • Include fascinating storylines which keep the audience intrigued, they’re much more exciting than an averages persons life and it allows the audience to imagine if they were in the storyline. The storylines are often complicated and it makes the audience feel better as they know that their life isn’t as complicated.
  3. 3. GENRES THAT I ENJOY WATCHING AND WHY FANTASY • Allows the audience to escape from reality, they don’t like to watch serious films and want to watch stuff that could never happen but lets the audience imagine what it would be like if it did happen, it creates a sense of happiness for the audience. It allows their minds to escape from the real world, some people are interested of how the film was produced and how they can make the graphics looks so realistic. ANIMATION • It attracts all sort of audiences, children are attracted because they include simple storylines which are easy for them to follow but adults are also attracted because it brings back childhood memories of when they used to watch similar films. They usually include humorous moments that make both the adults and children laugh, it also allows the audience to escape from the real world.
  4. 4. IDENTIFYING THE NARRATIVE Genre: Drama Synopsis: A 17 year old girl (Jade) lives at home with her sister and mother. Jade is a lesbian and is afraid to tell her secret to her family, when she builds up the courage to finally tell her mum, her mum dies in a car crash before Jade has the chance to tell her. The loss of their mother brings the sisters closer together, Millie (Jade’s sister) gives Jade a letter from her mum which changes Jade’s life forever.
  5. 5. PLOT OUTLINE • Jade lives a normal life at home with her sister Millie and mum • Jade is keeping the secret that she’s a lesbian from her family and that she fancies a girl called Cara • Jade builds up the courage and writes a letter to her mum explaining how she feels and leaves the letter on the fireplace • Jade is informed by a Police Officer that her mum has died in a car crash • Millie and Jade comfort each other and Millie gives Jade a letter which is from her mum explaining that her was adopted when she was 2 years old
  6. 6. WHY WILL THIS NARRATIVE WORK? I believe that this narrative will work as it covers a variety of current issues that people have to deal with everyday. In particular bereavement, as it’s something that everyone will go through and therefore the audience will be able to relate to it and feel empathy towards the characters. A main focus in the film is homosexuality and both children and parents will be able to relate to this, especially children as they’re becoming more and more aware of homosexuality today. Even if the audience aren’t homosexual themselves it will give them a greater insight to what they get put through in everyday life. It will allow the audience to understand their emotions and will help towards the discrimination they go through and will hopefully influence more people to be more accepting of others.
  7. 7. SHORT FILMS THAT HAVE INFLUENCED MY WORK • I Don’t Care: although my narrative doesn’t include disability it relates of how people are seen differently and treated differently. It shows how that even thought they’re seen differently they are still loved and have a strong relationship with family members, this has inspired my narrative of how there’s a strong relationship between Jade and her mother even through she’s adopted and not blood. • Jam: the theme of how the young people want to change who they are just to impress a girl or boy. It has influence my narrative of how just because you’re different and some people don’t accept you for who you are, you shouldn’t change, carries the message of being yourself. • Throw me to the Dogs: the idea of how some people accept you for who you are and some don’t, people do suffer and do get bullied because of it. It has influenced my narrative because it gave the idea of including a main issue that young people go through and therefore can relate to it and will hopefully give the audience an insight of what they have to go through.
  8. 8. POTENTIAL TARGET AUDIENCE Gender: the primary audience will be females because of all the characters being female but a male audience will also be target as they may be able to relate to parts of the storyline as well, they’ll be known as the secondary audience. Age: teenagers will be the primary target audience because they will be the ones who will be able to relate to the main character’s (Jade) emotions as they’re of the similar age. Social Class: a combination of B, C1 and C2 because these are the most likely to have a understanding of the social issues that are in the narrative.