How to market your iphone app


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There are a few things you need to know before you release your iPhone app into the world. So we learned from Pinger and you can, too. Pinger is a website where you can make some incredible applications for iPhone, iPad, and iPods.

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How to market your iphone app

  1. 1. How to Market Your iphone AppLet’s take a look at how to market your iPhone appThere are a few things you need to know before you release your iPhone app intothe world. So we learned from Pinger and you can, too. Pinger is a website whereyou can make some incredible applications for iPhone, iPad, and iPods.The engineers at Pinger have created some of the best apps for iPhone such asTextfree with Voice, Textfree Unlimited, Doodle Buddy, and Stickwars. Theirapps have been in the top 100 best apps for over a year. Just one of theirapplications, Textfree Unlimited, has been in the top 20 downloadable apps for theiPhone for over 14 months. They can teach you a lot about building and iphone appmarketing for Apple devices.Here are the 7 top tips they teach about marketing an iPhone app 1. How to build a great app 2. How to create a lite and paid version of the app 3. How to advertise on the iPhone ad network 4. How to get free publicity 5. How to test and track the app 6. How to learn from feedback 7. How to go globallyMarketing Tip #1 – How to Build a Great AppGetting to the top 100 app is not easy. At Pinger, their first app, Pinger Phone,which was an okay application; however, it was only in the top 100 for 15days. The Textfree Lite app, which is a terrific application, was in the top 100 freeapps for a year. It’s now replaced by Textfree with Voice, and it’s still a great appfor the iPhone.Why did this app get the top 100 downloadable apps? They had consistentfeedback from users! (3 stars for the lite version and 4 stars for the paid version) Itwas something people needed and it was easy to use.Marketing Tip #2 – How to Create a Lite and Paid Version of the App
  2. 2. When you create an application, always create a free version and a paid version. Ifthey like the free or lite version, they will buy the paid version. It allows users totry an app out before they spend money on it. It doesn’t matter if it only cost$5.99. It’s the free that gets them pulled in. It helps drive sales to the paid version.Marketing Tip #3 – How to Advertise on the iPhone Ad NetworkIf you want to sell your application for iPhone, then you have to spend money onadvertising. It’s the fastest way for getting exposure for your app. The ads will goto every person’s iPhone. That’s over 1 million iPhones and counting. You can’tget better marketing. It doesn’t do to advertising on Google Adwords, or Yahoomobile, they don’t use an iPhone. Advertize where the application is going to beused.Run a test with $250 to $500 on Admob. Use the targeting market by country ordevice. Create several ads to see which one will work. Track the users anddownloads. Learn and listen to the feedback. Try again with another ad. Rinseand repeat. Your goal by advertising is: 1. Enough organic downloads to put your app in the top 100 2. Enough downloads to build a user database for your paid appNote: It doesn’t work with every application, that why you test your ad. Even freeapps can have zero downloads.Marketing Tip #4 – How to Get Free PublicityDon’t go in debt trying to get exposure – use free publicityContact sites such as App Review sits, YouTube, and bloggers whose focus is theApple platform. Offer them (the site) a free, paid version to review. Plus, don’tgive them the lite version. Remember, there are over a million apps for the Appledevices. You have to find the niche where your app works best.Marketing Tip #5 – How to test the appTest and track every app, ad, and review for your application. You will not onlylearn what users’ think of your app, but you will also see what ads work the best.You won’t get help from the App Store because they don’t track anything, butthere are other ways to track the use of your application.
  3. 3. Track  Downloads vs rank  Downloads/rank vs releases  Downloads/rank vs mobile ad spend  Downloads/rank vs reviews going liveWhen you hit the perfect combination that works and your app is in the top 100,keep doing the same on all your apps. Remember, to keep testing and tracking yourapplications.Marketing Tip #6 – How to learn from feedbackRead the feedback from users and make the changes they want to yourapp. listening to the users tells you what your app lacks for them to be satisfiedusing it. This is one of the most important aspects of building apps for Appleplatform. It also helps when you create another app. The users will know you’llmake changes and download your app more often. Remember, satisfying the useris what your aim should be. After all, they are the ones using it, and they pay youto use it.Marketing Tip #7 – Going GloballyBe sure the world knows you have an iPhone app. You may test the market in anarea or region, but once you have all the data, and then go for the world. You canlocalize your ads, the descriptions, and the app to bring you the highest returns onyour application.