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ApartmentADDA - Estate Manager Workshop


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This SlideShare is about the Estate Manager Workshop conducted by ApartmentADDA on Nov 12th 2010.

The presentation details on the rise and need for Gated Community in recent times. There was a necessity to manage the system when the Estate Management came into play. Making Estate Managers tech savvy, imparting a computing skill that is unique to their profession and building a community that shares knowledge and helps each other grow in their work life was a challenge.

ApartmentADDA is the only online Software tool for Apartment Management.

To get more insights about the workshop check the link here

Published in: Real Estate, Business, Technology
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ApartmentADDA - Estate Manager Workshop

  1. 1. ESTATE / GATED COMMUNITY The Growing Living Choice S S C
  2. 2. Property Management Residential Property Commercial Management/ Property Estate Management Management
  3. 3. Number of Gated Communities in 2010: 30,000 Increasing Sophistication Piped Gas Centralized Vacuum Centralized Refrigeration Advanced STP Water Re-use Advanced Security Equipments
  4. 4. Association Office Bearers Govt. Officials Estate Manager RESIDENTS Banks Other Housekeeping Security AMC Providers
  5. 5. I want to rent/sell What is my my Flat, is there Due to the any rules? association? I have a Who are the other residents? problem, Local Vendors? please help.
  6. 6. Do you know who all are the Payment Which Flat does Mr. Defaulters? Srinivas live in? What is his parking slot number? Do you have the quotes for Exterior Painting? Are the Vendors providing Service properly? What are the main complaints? What is the Servicing history of the Generator? Are the Financial Transactions up to date?
  8. 8. Call us for a Demo/ Contact us