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STP & Water conservation - Kuntal Shah



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STP & Water conservation - Kuntal Shah

  1. 1. STP & Water conservation Presented for ADDA Water Workshop III
  2. 2. Skyline RK Atlantis STP Plant • 100 KLD STP plan • No of houses – 100 houses • Total water usage – 11 lac • total water being treated • 7 lac being reused • What is monthly cost • Tank cleaning: 2,000xN • 37,000 cost Infrastructure • Plant is setup in the basement – approx. 20 mtr X 10mtr area • Can treat upto 10K ltr water eaveryday • Treated water tank capacity 8,000 ltr • Overhead water tank of 3,000 ltr • Pipelines for outflow from Kitchen and washing area to STP plant • Separate pipeline to toilet flush from STP water overhead tank • Separate water pump to fill STP water overhead tanks in all the three blocks
  3. 3. STP Plant Pictures Filters Blower and diffuser for Aeration tank
  4. 4. Skyline RK Atlantis How is it helping • Reduction in virgin water usage • Water is used for toilet flush in all the houses • We conduct audit every 6 months • Garden • All our plants and garden are watered with this treated water • Our Gardens have both flower barring and fruit barring trees along with decorative plants • Not observing any challenge in the growth of the tree, plants or shrubs • Washing common area • We have STP treated water outlets at multiple location • It is used for all the common area washing requirements
  5. 5. Quality of Water • Order: If maintained correctly no order in the water • Color: SPF & ACF technology based filtration water is colorless • Other parameters:
  6. 6. STP Plan Process Flow STP Inlet Oil & Grit trap • Drain Bar screen • Fine screen • Platform Equalization tank • Transfer pump Aeration tank • Diffuser • Blower Clarifier (Settling) tank • Suspended Solid Clarified water tank Pressure Sand Filter • Filter Press Activated carbon filter • Carbon filter Treated water Overhead tank • Chlorination Individual House outlets and common area outlets Sludge c Excess Sludge removal - Used as compost c Remove Debris
  7. 7. Maintenance • Full time staff • To monitor levels of multiple parameter in the process • Cleaning of bar filters as required • Measure and add or remove sludge • Maintain overhead STP water tanks levels • Bimonthly cleaning of STP tanks - Clarifier water tank • Debris removal once in a year • STP overhead water tank cleaning • Just like normal overhead water tank once in 6 months