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BM Cassia Rain Water Harvesting - Rajesh Agrawal



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BM Cassia Rain Water Harvesting - Rajesh Agrawal

  1. 1. BM Cassia RWH Challenges & Learnings Rajesh Agrawal Water workshop Organized jointly by BAF, ADDA, Citizen Matters & Biome 23 Mar 2019 at TERI Auditorium, Domlur Presented for ADDA Water Workshop III
  2. 2. RWH – Challenges & Learnings Challenges Solutions Requirements • Confusion regarding RWH Objective Dialogue with Residents & Vendors Balance – Storage vs Ground-Water Recharge Design & Implementation • Space for Tanks • Space for Recharge-Pits • Type of Filter Dialogue with Multiple Vendors Tanks under a Ramp Recharge-Pits in garden near Storm-water outlet Bottoms-Up conventional Sand/Charcoal filter Testing & Acceptance • Lack of Rains for 2 years • Basement Flooding Negotiation with Chosen vendor Basic functional testing was done with piped water RWH Bypass designed and implemented Operational • Rooftop Gardening/ Wet Waste Processing • Pipes bursting & flooding during heavy rains • Inability to leverage more than 30 min of heavy rain Leverage Operational Staff to Diagnose & Fix Education and regular maintenance Additional Storm-water outlets created Added more pipes to pump RWH water to sumps
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  4. 4. To Recharge Pit & Storm Water Drain Rain water from Rooftop Multiple RWH Bypass Valves Pressure Guage Filter bypass/ Cleaning Valve Basement Water Tanks 30KL 2KL RWH Valve Pump Ground level Water Tank Gardening/ Car-Wash Water to Sump Sump Valve Filter Lake BM Cassia RWH Schematic
  5. 5. BM Cassia RWH Pictures Recharge Pit At Construction At Completion Filters, Gauge and Storage Tanks in Basement
  6. 6. RWH Project Information • Initial Project Vendor – Refurb India • Rooftop Surface Area – 1700 Sq. M • Total Cost – Rs 5.75 Lakhs • Pipes & Valves • Tapping into rooftop water & diverting to filters that take it to Tanks • Tanks to Sumps • Storage Tanks • Pumps • 2 Recharge Pits • Project Dates Nov 2011 to Jan 2012 • Upgrades Done • Additional Stormwater Outlets – For use during excessive rains • Additional connection from Tank to Sumps – To utilize more RainWater • RWH Water-Meters – For Accounting