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Writing test orientation


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Writing test orientation

  1. 1. Test Date: Wednesday, October 3 Make-up Date: Thursday, October 4Face-to-Face Administration
  2. 2. 100 Minutes of writing time 100-199 Does Not Meet 200-249 Meets 250+ Exceeds 4 Domains scored on a 5 point scale
  3. 3. What do I write? A persuasive piece How long should it be? 5-6 paragraphsIntroduction, 3-4 supporting paragraphs, conclusion How do I prepare? Attend prep sessions Study Island USA Test Prep Read sample essays Write practice essays
  4. 4. YOU WILL BE SCORED ON Content (40%) Organization (20%) Style (20%) Conventions (20%)
  5. 5. Content (40%)• Awareness of purpose—TO PERSUADE• Establish a controlling idea (THESIS)• Give main points (TOPIC SENTENCES)• Elaborates on/explains points – Supporting detail – Relevance of detail• Closure at end of essay
  6. 6. Organization (20%)• Overall Plan• Introduction/Body/Conclusion• Organization of paragraphs• Within Paragraphs – Sequence of Ideas – Grouping examples in paragraphs• Transitions!
  7. 7. Style (20%)• Who is my audience?• What words do I use? (diction)• How do I address?• May I use slang?• “VOICE” Who are you? Would you say that? Show us who you are when you write….In standard English, of course…• Sentence variety/syntax….”SPEAK” clearly on paper
  8. 8. Conventions (20%)• Sentence formation – Correct – Clear • Mechanics – Complex – Punctuation – Punctuated – Spelling – Paragraph breaks• Usage – Capitalization – Agreement – Standard word forms – Verbs
  9. 9. Topics/SubjectsWork d School Marriage d Pets d PregnancyClothes d Dress Code d Pollution d RecyclingSuicide d Nutrition d Exercise d ParentsCrime d Internet concerns/benefits d PoliticsDrinking and Driving d Drugs d Drop OutsSmoking d Gun Control d Prayer in SchoolsHigh-Stakes Testing d “Most Likely to Succeed”Salary of professional Athletes d Personal Freedoms
  10. 10. Requested formats Letter to a friend / family member Debate—Television, school, political rally Speech to school board, community forum Letter to school newspaper Editorial for school newspaper, other news outlets Letter to principal, governor, representative Essay for class, contest, Article for a national magazine, BLOG, Online Message Board
  11. 11. Sample PromptWriting Situation: Health care advancements have resulted in people living longer. Many Americans now live well beyond the age of 65. This older generation consists of people with various experiences, talents, and expertise. Many of these senior citizens have retired from the workforce and can now use their talents in the service of their community. Think how your community could benefit from the contributions of these older Americans.Directions for Writing: Write a speech to be given at an organization of senior citizens explaining your ideas. Convince the senior citizens that they should give their services to benefit the community. Provide logical arguments and supporting details.
  12. 12. What’s next?• Watch your English LMS for lessons and CC meetings.• Watch your Kmail for information on testing sites.• Watch for examples of persuasion in everyday life.
  13. 13. QuestionsThank you for attending today. This session’s password is: Persuasion