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VIEs - Sports


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Published in: Education, Sports
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VIEs - Sports

  1. 1. V0cabulary, Idioms & Expressions (VIE) Sports
  2. 2. Tue 15 May 2012A Long ShotDifficult to win; to win against great oddsThat horse is a long shot to win the Belmontrace.To Make The CutTo be able to pass from one round of competitionto the nextI was happy because I made the cut and wasallowed to compete in the finals of thecheerleading competition!
  3. 3. Make-or-Break Wed 16 May 2012A thing that decides success or failureTomorrow’s ‘C’ division match againstHillview Secondary is a make-or-breakgame for us. If we lose we will leave thetournament empty handed.Get Into The Swing of ThingsTo become accustomed to doing something After taking a year off from training, it willtake a few weeks for Tiger Woods to getback into the swing of things.
  4. 4. To Hit Below The Belt Thu 17 May 2012To say something that is often too personal,hurtful and unfair:To remind reformed athletes of their drugproblem is to hit below the belt.Cover All of Ones BasesTo thoroughly prepare for or deal with asituationThe team manager covered all of hisbases before the match and his teamperformed very well.
  5. 5. Wed 23 May 2012Ballpark Estimate/FigureA guess that is in a certain area or range,usually in terms of numbers.We had a ballpark figure about how much itwould cost to build a new sports hall in school.Neck and NeckExactly even, especially in a race or a contestThe two drivers were neck and neck in thethrilling race until the last bend where Hamiltoncrashed into the dividers.
  6. 6. On An Even Keel Thu 24 May 2012Calm and not likely to change suddenly, in asteady and well-balanced situationThe new sports department was running on aneven keel soon after it opened due to goodmanagement skills.Punch Above Ones WeightTo fight at a level that is above what would beexpected of youThe small country punches above its weight ininternational competitions like the Olympics.
  7. 7. Mon 25 June 2012Take The Wind Out of Ones SailsTo become discouraged and lose onesenthusiasmIt took the wind out of my sails when Iwas told that I was not doing a good job intraining.Toe The LineTo conform to established rulesThe flamboyant striker refused to toe theline and was sacked from the team.
  8. 8. Fri 29 June 2012To Give Someone A Run For Their MoneyTo compete very strongly against someone who isexpected to winI think only Chelsea will be able to giveManchester United a run for their money nextseason.Throw Ones Hat Into The Ringdecide to enter a contest or take up a challengeThe ex-Olympian decided to throw his hat intothe ring in this year’s games even though he hasretired from the sporting scene last year.
  9. 9. Tue 3 July 2012To Blow The Whistle On SomeoneTo tell someone in authority about something badthat is happening so that it can be stoppedThe national athletes are encouraged to blow thewhistle on any of their teammates who are usingdrugs to prevent further embarrassment to thecountry.Name of The GameThe quality that you most need for an activityPeople say that in golf the name of the game ispatience
  10. 10. Right off the bat Wed 4 July 2012At the very beginning, immediatelyWhen we arrived at the resort, we were toldright off the bat that we would have to payextra to use the pool and the training room.Out of The RunningEliminated from a contest, no longer beingconsidered for somethingPaul was out of the running for thedirector’s job in the Oxford Sports Club ashe had less than 5 years of experience.
  11. 11. Thu 5 July 2012Hands DownWithout much effort, easilyUsain Bolt is the fastest sprinter in theworld. He can win any race hands down.Have Somebody In Your CornerTo have the support or help of someoneWere lucky weve got James in ourcorner. No one can beat him in the pool.