VIEs on similes


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VIEs on similes

  1. 1. V0cabulary, Idioms &Expressions (VIE)
  2. 2. Similes• An expression that describes somethingby comparing it with something else,using the words ‘as’ or ‘like’.• The comparison points out asimilarity between the two, whichallows us to understand the first thingbetter.
  3. 3. Similes• Writers, especially poets, use similes topoint out new and interesting waysof viewing the world.• Their use of similes provides us withvivid mental pictures that maketheir thoughts and perspectives moreaccessible.
  4. 4. Similes – 2 AprHeart as hard as stoneHighlights the quality that both the hearts and thestone share – their hardness; people are unfeeling.The people’s hearts are as hard as stone.Like two peas in a podTwo people being very similar in thought and actionJordan and Jeremy are like two peas in a pod,sometimes they even say the same things.
  5. 5. Similes – 3 AprAs blind as a batAn exaggeration used to show someone who isunable to see clearlyIm as blind as a bat without my glasses.Eats like a birdCompare eating habits to that of a bird whosupposedly eats very littleJane is undernourished because she eats like abird.
  6. 6. Similes – 4 AprLike a box of chocolateCompare the uncertainty of life to theuncertainty of choosing a chocolate from a boxLife is like a box of chocolates, you never knowwhat you are going to get.As deep as the oceanGreat passion and intense feelingMy love for English is a deep as the ocean.
  7. 7. Similes – 5 AprAs strong as an oxTo describe someone who is extremely strongphysicallyShahid is as strong as an ox. He can easily carry fivepackets of 10-kg rice.As different as night and dayCompletely different, totally unlikeJack and Michael are as different as night and day;Jack is very hardworking whereas Michael isunmotivated.
  8. 8. Similes – 8 AprFit like a gloveFit very wellThis dress is perfect for Lydia because it fits like aglove.Stick out like a sore thumbClearly and obviously different from the people orthings that are around it.John stuck out like a sore thumb because he wasinappropriately dressed for Graduation Night.
  9. 9. Similes – 9 AprAs dry as a boneExtremely dryMelvin needs to drink water desperatelyas his throat is as dry as a bone.Feel like paradiseSupreme happiness or delightWhile on an overseas vacation recently,Glen felt like paradise.
  10. 10. Similes – 10 AprAs clear as mudVery confusing and unclearThe reason that Kenny gave for notsubmitting his work was as clear as mud.Like a ton of bricksA great weight or burdenSuddenly, the truth hit Aaron like a ton ofbricks.
  11. 11. Similes – 11 AprAs explosive as a volcanoVery angryFahmi was as explosive as a volcano when hefound out his mobile phone had been stolen.Like a bump on a logUnmoving, inactiveVictor just sat there like a bump on a log,refusing to join in the games.
  12. 12. Similes – 12 AprLike an open bookA person who is very open with his feelings andemotions.Charles could read Wilbur’s face like an open bookas his emotion was clearly displayed on his face.Like watching grass growVery boring, uninterestingWatching that uninteresting movie was likewatching grass grow.
  13. 13. Similes – 15 AprLike a babyActing in a childish mannerJason threw such a temper tantrum over such asmall issue; he was acting like a a fish out of waterCompletely unfamiliar with ones surroundings oractivity.Benjamin felt like a fish out of water when he wentoverseas for the first time to Cambodia.