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  • Mexican Pig : lazy,disgusting and might have flu lol.
  • Good morning Mr Vasu, Mrs Ong, Mr Lau, teachers and fellow schoolmates. My name is dhiyana .from 2T1. Today, I will be presenting two metaphors.
    The first metaphor is _________ and the meaning is _____. The sentence is ________.
    The second metaphor is _________ and the meaning is _____. The sentence is ________.
    Thank you.
  • VIE - Metaphors

    1. 1. Metaphor
    2. 2. Metaphor • Implied comparison between two unlike objects based on a common quality/characteristic. • Unlike similes that use the words “as” or “like” to make a comparison, metaphors state that something(A) is something else (B). • Hence, we see A in terms of B! Instead of Jack is as tall as a giraffe (simile) We say that Jack is a giraffe! (metaphor)
    3. 3. Why metaphors? • Metaphors enliven language • Poets use metaphor as a way of explaining or referring to something in a brief but effective way(clever) • Metaphors create a mental picture and gets us to think of the comparison between the two.
    4. 4. Instead of ‘many people or big crowd’.. ‘Sea of people’ describes the huge mass of people better!
    5. 5. Examples • The climbers gathered at the foot of the mountain. • All the world's a stage. • My form teacher has a heart of stone. • Her home is a prison.
    6. 6. Bulldozer 1 A strong heavy machinery that clears everything in its path.
    7. 7. Bulldozer 2
    8. 8. • Metaphors are not confined to poetry. • Like most literary devices, they are also used in everyday life.
    9. 9. • Overheard in the classroom… “the three monkeys at the back.. Pay attention!” • “You are such a pig!” • “He’s the apple of the eye” • “Mr Lim barked at us when we talked in class.
    10. 10. Metaphor– 14 Apr shot down Rejected The committee shot her ideas down one by one as they were too costly to implement. Go out the window Gone, wasted All my hard work in the Geography Project went out the window when my computer crashed and I had no back up.
    11. 11. Metaphor– 15 Apr a breeze Easy, not difficult The test was a breeze for David as he had done his revision on that topic earlier. smooth sailing a situation where progress is made without any difficulty Once you've passed that exam, it will be smooth sailing to graduation.
    12. 12. Metaphor – 16 Apr Up to scratch to be of a good standard The company is able to sell whatever product they come up with as they have a great marketing team whose work is really up to scratch. Know the ropes to be able to do something well Our new Sales Director has a lot of experience and really knows all the ropes.
    13. 13. Metaphor – 21 Apr Light of someone’s life Someone who brings happiness or joy Jane is smiling a lot these days. She seems like a different person after she met the light of her life, David. light at the end of the tunnel the end of a difficult period The graduating classes have been under a lot of stress due to the O levels. After yesterday’s English paper, they can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.
    14. 14. Metaphor– 22 Apr Drowning in something Struggling with or finding it hard to cope with a certain task The new intern needs more time to get used to the job. He is drowning in paperwork since the first week. To ride on a wave to take advantage of popular opinions or feelings The politician came to power riding on a wave of public discontent towards the cost of living in the country.
    15. 15. Metaphor– 23 Apr A wooden face Showing a lack of emotion It was hard to tell whether Jane liked the idea or not as she had put on a wooden face throughout the meeting. Out of the woods To no longer be in danger or difficulty The club has been given funding for another year but it’s not out of the woods yet.
    16. 16. Metaphor– 24 Apr fever pitch a state of very strong emotion Excitement among the waiting crowd was at fever pitch minutes before the superstar’s arrival. fire in one’s belly Having a strong determination to succeed The team captain has fire in his belly and would not allow his teammates to give up even though the opponent was last year’s champion.
    17. 17. Metaphor– 25 Apr Lukewarm response A reaction that is not enthusiastic Mr Lim was annoyed when his suggestion of doing VIA in June was met with a lukewarm response from the class. Poured cold water To be critical or discouraging of an idea The form teacher poured cold water on Steve’s idea of having a class outing overseas as it was too costly.
    18. 18. Metaphor– 29 Apr In the dark Not informed or aware of a situation Andy kept his wife in the dark about the surprise party he was organising for her. A dark horse Someone who may win an event that he is not expected to win I think Scotland are dark horses to win the next World Cup. They are much better than what people think.
    19. 19. Metaphor– 5 May A fork in the road A moment in life when you have to make a defining choice Jeremy hit a fork in the road after his secondary school graduation. He had to decide between the course he desired in polytechnic or listen to his parents’ wish of going to a junior college. Rocky road A difficult period of time James has been going down quite a rocky road ever since his divorce.