Creating A Brand Identity


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Creating A Brand Identity

  1. 1. Typeface: Style Features:This is Serif, as it is in a font I think that this cover is a mixthat is similar to a code, giving of both visual clutter andthe effect that the shot is white space. The visual clutterthrough a night-vision camera. would be the mixture of eagleThis is also a masculine look, and human head in the centrerepresenting the males in the of the cover, made up in fourband, as well as the rock different quarters. But on thegenre, as this genre is more other hand, there is still adominantly male. substantial amount of white space on the outside of the cover, on both the back andSelling the music through the front, meaning that the coverartist’s own image: isn’t over cluttered andAll four of the artist’s faces are doesn’t strain the eyes to lookon this cover, this improves at.the audience’s recognition ofthe band themselves, at thesame time as making a reallyclever and eye-catching cover. Other Promotional Strategies: What I really like about thisHouse Colours: cover is the way that theWith the night vision effect, image continues onto thethe house colours would be back, by showing the back ofwhite and grey, as well as the eagles head. This makesyellow due to the text being in the CD and artist both morethis colour at the top of the memorable to the audience,cover, as well as featuring in making it a successfulthe text on the back of the CD. promotional strategy.
  2. 2. Typeface: Style Features:Again this cover uses a Serif typeface, This cover again uses a mix of whitedue to the genre being rock/pop, to keep space and visual clutter, as even thoughthat edgy look and not making it too there isn’t a lot happening, there arefeminine. The way that the text is slightly still plenty of things to look at with thedistorted symbolises that this album strips of colours, the contrasted text andcould be something slightly different to the image of the band themselves. Iother albums by this artist, intriguing the think this is effective as it gives theaudience even more. audience a lot to look at, but doesn’t overcomplicate the cover at all.Selling the music through the artist’sown image:The band members are all on this coveras well, but this time in a performanceshot. This proves to the audience thattheir music is all their own and createdby themselves, as well as promoting Other Promotional Strategies:them through their appearance by A strategy that I noticed after looking atincrease the audiences recognition of this for quite a while was the shadow ofthem. their original logo with the letters ‘GC’ on the floor in front of the band. This isHouse Colours: extremely effective as the font used forThe three house colours are easily the band name and title of the album isidentified as orange, white and black on new, so loses that universal logo andthis cover, keeping it simple but at the recognition that they used to have, butsame time being really eye-catching due then the shadow brings it back as this isto the bright shade of orange, and the their older logo. This will also surprisecontrasts between the other colours. I fans, and probably make them even morethink that the orange symbolises the new impressed with the album artwork. Theelement of pop/dance used within this CD also follow on from the album cover,album, but also using the black to prove keeping the design continuous andthat they’re still a rock band, but they’re increasing recognition with the audiencejust being a bit experimental with their by using two of the house colourscreations. contrasted against each other.