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Aslan group


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Published in: Education, Health & Medicine
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Aslan group

  1. 1. Aslan GroupPresentationGood, Magic, Fantasy,Mythology, and ChristianAnalogy in Mere Christianity,Miracles, The Great Divorce,The Screwtape Letters andThe Problem of Pain
  2. 2. Good Mere Christianity  Goodness Defined Miracles  Manifestation of Good The Problem of Pain  Why isn’t Goodness absolute? The Great Divorce  The utter reality of Goodness The Screwtape Letters  Hell’s view of Goodness
  3. 3. Magic, Fantasy, andMythology Mere Christianity  The building blocks Miracles  Myth become real The Problem of Pain  ‘Myths’ about Pain The Great Divorce  The creation of mythology The Screwtape Letters  The other side of the war
  4. 4. Christian Analogies Mere Christianity  Use of analogy, rather than metaphor – the basis of his apologetics Miracles The Problem of Pain The Great Divorce  The entire book The Screwtape Letters  Christian analogy reversed