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DocVille 11-2011 SAP-ECM pitch building


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Pitch building content used during the group discussion during DocVille event on 17/11/2011 at Brussels

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DocVille 11-2011 SAP-ECM pitch building

  1. 1. Is SAP outsourcing its ECM capability? MODERATOR ROUNDTABLE TOPIC RESUME•Name – Amarjit Singh •What is SAPs strategy re ECM,•Organisation – Devoteam Belgium what are the favoured options•Job title – ECM Consultant
  2. 2. The pitchArchive Live CONTENTOpt. Archive Content Server REPOSITORYDocuments Data ARCHIVINGArchiveLink Netweaver INTEGRATIONIn context Searchable FINDABILITYTransaction Repurpose PROCESSFixed Variable RETENTIONStorage Lifecycle MANAGEMENT
  3. 3. Is SAP beginning to think of ECM as a supportingservice only, ready for outsourcing to ECM vendors ?• SAP originally integrated Adobe Document Services & Interactive Forms• SAP resells Open Text (former Ixos, Livelink, StreamServe, Artesia, …RedDot?)• SAP to acquire CrossGate• SAP partners with most leading ECM vendors: IBM, EMC, …How can you differentiate the ECM capabilities to a level so that ERP can be therequesting party? >> provide solutions which provide better, easier and friendlieranswers to business challenges (not only functional ones).
  4. 4. Will ArchiveLink be phased out and who are the candidates for the replacement of ArchiveLink?• ArchiveLink powers optical archiving and HTTP content server based scenarios• The links to the documents are stored in link tables (TOA…), no business metadata• Early and late archiving scenarios (including bar code matching) are supported (business workflow)• Works better for “archive”, and not for “live” content• Needs modernizing, accommodate eInvoicing stds.In general, can you reverse the ArchiveLink way of integration? >> For example,Perceptive software’s ImageNow uses a different approach, by storing the relationsoutside of SAP (on the ECM side).
  5. 5. What keeps Open Source ECM software vendors from tapping into SAP’s integration space?• For Alfresco, less known FME SAP ArchiveLink Connector for Alfresco (KGS)• CMIS based solutions may be the future, first an integration framework needed• Web 2.0 and 3.0 where lots of community effort goes into, may provide extra opportunities• Case management & eDiscovery reqs may be the turning point, but not very evolved in Open SourceDo the companies that use Open Source repositories, not use SAP? >> Perhaps SAP’sown content server. What would it take to persuade them to move away from SAPcontent server?
  6. 6. What are the opportunities in the cloud-space for SAP’s ECM needs?• SpringCM is one of the few offering a solution• Mobile & device evolution creates new needs• Leading ECM vendors starting to offer their own cloud-based repositories, not yet for SAP• Need for more cloud based, content-powered business solutions, rather than repositories (e.g., for CRM/CXM)How would you build a business case for storing SAP-centric content in the cloud? >>User experience, federated insight, social media, devices,…
  7. 7. Can CMIS eventually help modernize the SAP’s ECMecosphere, and how? Which scenarios can it cover?• Founded on interoperability, more for consumption• SAP Netweaver’s ECM integration layer intends/claims to support CMIS• To be seen if a friendly integration framework comes• Consume vs. provide the CMIS services• Apache Chemistry project claims to prioritize the adoptionWhat are the foremost drivers and arguments for adoption of CMIS in SAP-relatedscenarios? >> Interoperability, agility, device-agnosticity, etc.
  8. 8. Are advanced ECM scenarios of SAP involving Records Mgt, BPM or DAM too complex for adoption?• SAP renames own records mgt. capability to Netweaver Folders Management• No OOTB way of transferring retention from SAP to an external records repository• SAP’s business workflow rigid without standardized BPM capability Despite the latest marketing shots on eDiscovery and ACM, will these solutions become mainstream? Or will they be limited to the few multinationals? >> Marketing effort is limited, lesser knowledge sharing, fewer products built on open frameworks … have to reverse that.
  9. 9. What’s the future of SAP Netweaver portal and theunderlying information management frameworks?• SAP Enterprise portal a heavy, publisher-unfriendly product, often with lower adoption rates• Market shifting towards light-weight portals together with the shift from static to social content• Netweaver platform’s KM capabilities powerful but complex and underutilized (Enterprise Search, Taxonomies, …)• SAP focussing more on Mobile portal right nowTaking the current information ecosystem into account, how would you furthersegment the market, and target the market by complementing the Netweavercapabilities? >> Findability, Enterprise 2.0/3.0, Mobile/device…