Dream trip project


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Dream trip project

  1. 1. By: Jilly E.
  2. 2. Paris, FranceThe Eiffel Tower is one of thebiggest attractions in France. Itstands 1,063 feet and was createdin 1887-1889 by Alexandre GustaveEiffel. I would like to go see theEiffel because it is so beautiful andinteresting. I also want to go outof country and see what it is likein Europe. I always thought itwould be interesting to see theinteraction and the community ofanother country since I have neverexperienced anything like it.
  3. 3. Paris, FranceThe Museum was created in 1882by Arthur Meyer. The museumcontains more than 450 famouscharacters and each character isplaced in a scene and posed. It’salmost like a physical picture.This year I learned how MarieAntoinette was an AustralianPrincess and then married LouieIV to become the queen ofFrance.
  4. 4. Rome, ItalyThe Colosseum was built in 70–80 AD and was almostcompletely destroyed in the21st century by earthquakes. Itwas once use as a gladiatorialcontests and public spectacles.I would enjoy seeing theColosseum because it has manylights that make it glow atnight. I would also like to go toItaly in general to improve mySpanish and to learn aboutanother culture.
  5. 5. Pisa, ItalyThe leaning tower of Pisa isstands 186 feet tall and 13feet wide. It was designed bytwo men named Guglielmoand Bonanno Pisano. I wouldenjoy going to Italy to see theleaning tower of Pisa becausethe architecture is interestingto me. I would also like totravel to Italy for fun and seeanother country.
  6. 6. Zhejiang, ChinaSilk worms are used toproduce silk which isextremely popular in china.One worm can produce up to3000 feet long and reproduceup to 500 eggs. Silk was useda lot in trade along the silkroad and in markets. This wasone of the leading products inchina for he longest time.
  7. 7. ChinaThe Great wall of chinawas built in 220–206 BC anddesigned by first Emperorof China. It was used forprotect against otherarmies trying to invadeChina. I would love to go toChina and travel along thelong path even though it is5,500 miles. I would alsolike to learn about how thewalls were used to protectChina.
  8. 8. London, EnglandThe Cabinet war rooms werebuilt for Winston Churchill andhis Advisor. They were roomsunderground built to have secretmeeting during world war II.Churchill played a semi-big rolein world war II because hedeclared war on Germany anddefeated them. He also was ajournalist.
  9. 9. England, LondonThe museum was created in1917 after World War I. Themuseum was, and still is usedas a record for Britain. AfterWorld War II, the museum wasexpanded for moreinformation and records. Themuseum tells all about Britainand what the country wentthrough during each WorldWar.
  10. 10. IndiaThe silk road was the mostimportant path in 206 BCE – 220CE being 4,000 miles long. Itwas used as a trading route.India was the most useful sinceit was in between all thecountries that the path wentthrough. India also had to mostuseful products like spices andthey also had silk and silkwormfarms.
  11. 11. Agra ,IndiaTaj Mahal is used in manyBolly Wood Movies. It wasbuilt in memory ofMughal emperor ShahJahan’s wife. I would loveto be in any film in Indiathat uses this beautifulbuilding in their movie. Ialso like to learn theirdifficult, but interestingdances they perform inmovies.
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