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Talk to Your Boss & Grandboss about Content Strategy (or anything, really)


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When you’re asked by your boss, or your boss’ boss (your grandboss!) to explain content strategy, what can you say to make the biggest impact? How can you build advocates for content strategy in people whose pay grades eat pay grades like yours for breakfast? This is the situation Amanda Costello found herself in when her great-grandboss asked her to speak to the dean and college leadership about her work as a content strategist. Spoiler alert: nobody was fired.

Featuring a “director’s commentary” on content specifically developed for an audience of high-level academic leadership, this session will give you memorable ways of talking about content strategy that will stick with administrators, even as they navigate their myriad of other duties and responsibilities. Gain a better understanding of the world of academic administrators, learn how to build advocacy for good strategy and best practices, and make sure your voice is heard – even when you’re not in the room.

Talk to Your Boss & Grandboss about Content Strategy (or anything, really)

  1. 1. about content strategy Amanda Costello
 College of Education and Human Development University of Minnesota @amandaesque (or anything, really) Boss & Grandboss how to talk to your
  2. 2. grandboss?
  3. 3. Hello My name is Amanda
  4. 4. I Don’t Have Your Ph.D. Working with Faculty & the Web
  5. 5. what would you say you do here?
  6. 6. A Good Explanation lowers the cost of understanding
  7. 7. A Good Explanation lowers the cost of understanding
  8. 8. teaching in japan
  9. 9. Lesson Planning 101 1. What do they already know?
 2. What do you want them to know by the end?
 3. How will you get them there?
 4. How will you know they know it?
  10. 10. 1. What did they already know?
  11. 11. Who was I dealing with?
  12. 12. Money
  13. 13. Enrollment
  14. 14. Teaching Research Outreach
  15. 15. employees
  16. 16. time
  17. 17. The web? Source: Flickr user vanz
  18. 18. them to know? 2. What did i want
  19. 19. Jessica Hagy,
  20. 20. The internet is real
  21. 21. They have a role
  22. 22. We’re here to help
  23. 23. Content Strategy model
  24. 24. 3. How Will I Get Them There?
  25. 25. your setting KNOW
  26. 26. I make sure the content on our site is useful for the people who need it. Elevator Speech:
  27. 27. Know Thyself
  28. 28. 1. make a plan 2. cumberbatch
  29. 29. #whatsyourcumberbatch
  30. 30. let’s check out some slides
  31. 31. let’s check out some slides
  32. 32. Content Strategy & You time to get excited!
  33. 33. Lots%of%Problems% !   We’re%out%of%money% !   Another%school%got%every% grant%we%applied%for% !   Students%are%too%sleepy!% !   We’re%not%meeting%our% having>meetings%quota%as% set%forth%by%the%board%of% regents% !   There’s%a%moth%in%my%office% and%it%won’t%leave%
  34. 34. Hi! I’m Amanda • Lead Content Strategist • 6 years with CEHD • UMN alum, past participant on 
 JET Programme • National conference speaker, content strategy writer/blogger
  35. 35. Web Strategy Team Jeff Abuzzahab
 Web Team Lead Susan Andre
 Design Lead Dan Sagisser
 Information Architect
  36. 36. B.A., English Lit Concentration: Shakespeare & Dystopian Fiction
  37. 37. “Content strategy plans for the creation, publication, and governance of useful, usable content.” 
 - Kristina Halvorson, 
 Content Strategy for the Web “Anything that conveys meaningful information to humans is called ‘content’.” 
 -Erin Kissane, 
 The Elements of Content Strategy
  38. 38. Good Content is appropriate useful user-centered clear consistent concise supported
  39. 39. Questions # Icons from Flaticon, users SimpleIcon and Freepik ( What the web does What people do
  40. 40. Faculty Instructor Professor Teacher lolwut
  41. 41. People!
  42. 42. • Plain Writing Act of 2010. Law requires federal agencies to use “clear Government communication that the public can understand and use.” • 3 additional executive orders cover the use of plain language in regulations (EO 13563, EO 12866, EO 12988)
  43. 43. Medicare Fraud Letter “Investigators at the contractor will review the facts in your case and decide the most appropriate course of action. The first step taken with most Medicare health care providers is to reeducate them about Medicare regulations and policies. If the practice continues, the contractor may conduct special audits of the providers medical records. Often, the contractor recovers overpayments to health care providers this way. If there is sufficient evidence to show that the provider is consistently violating Medicare policies, the contractor will document the violations and ask the Office of the Inspector General to prosecute the case. This can lead to expulsion from the Medicare program, civil monetary penalties, and imprisonment.”
  44. 44. Medicare Fraud Letter “We will take two steps to look at this matter: we will find out if it was an error or fraud, and we will let you know the result.”
  45. 45. Content Strategy model
  46. 46.
  47. 47. Let’s talk about Social media Websites Project pages Content audits User experience Communication plans Content templates Usability tests Taxonomies ! Web branding Plain Language Editorial calendars Voice and tone Information architecture User research Persona generation Use scenarios Web standards ... and so much more!
  48. 48. What can you do? • Bring in your content strategist early in the conversation about new projects, initiatives, or ideas in your area. • Think about audience and your users; who is your content for, and who is it not for? • Collaborate with us; let’s make awesome.
  49. 49. 4. How do I know they know it?
  50. 50. What can You do?
  51. 51. Weekly MeetingsBoss & Grandboss updates
  52. 52. Get In Front of people Start explaining anything! Image: Sarah Worthy,
  53. 53. build bridgesbetween silos
  54. 54. build bridgesbetween silos
  55. 55. Let’s be in touch @amandaesque Thank you! I can drink lattes forever.