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How to Sign up for a Free WordPress Account and Choose a Theme


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How to Sign up for a Free WordPress Account and Choose a Theme

  2. 2. Contents Step One: Supplies Step Two: Account Sign Up Step Three: Theme Customization
  3. 3. Step OnePreparation Supplies
  4. 4. Step One: PreparationSupplies Computer Web browser Internet connection
  5. 5. Step TwoAccount Sign Up Procedures  Tips  Password Activation
  6. 6. Step Two: Account Sign UpProcedures Navigate to Click ‘get started here’ button Select a matching blog name and username Enter and confirm your password Click ‘create blog’ button
  7. 7. Step Two: TipsPassword A strong, unique password Replace any of the following contains: letters in your password with the following: • 8+ characters • a=@ • Mixture of upper and • s=$ lowercase • e=3 • Special characters (ex. • o=0 #@$%!) • i=! Example  Waskesiu = w@$K3s!u
  8. 8. Step Two: Account Sign UpActivation Log into your WordPress-associated email account Activate blog in the email received from WordPress Your blog is now active!
  9. 9. Step ThreeTheme Customization Selecting a Theme  Filtering for Themes  Choosing a Theme  Tips  Considering the User Experience
  10. 10. Step Three: ThemeCustomizationFiltering for Themes Click ‘Theme Showcase’ Click ‘A-Z’ Click ‘browse and search’ Click ‘Filters (0)’ and select: Apply Filters
  11. 11. Step Three: ThemeCustomizationChoosing a Theme Browse through filtered themes Select a theme Click ‘Activate’ Congratulations!
  12. 12. Step Three: TipsConsidering the User Experience Sidebar should encourage reader engagement Themes should adapt to most devices Blog style should suit content Style should be easy to read