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Finding the Right Supplier


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Tips on what to look for when choosing a supplier for your business.

Finding suppliers with the best price, best products, and who are safe and reliable to buy from.

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Finding the Right Supplier

  1. 1. Finding The Right In finding the right supplier for your business, the initial thought is often price, and it certainly should be highSupplier on the list. Once you’ve determined the right products and services for your business, product purchasing needs to also focus on quick delivery times as well. Moving goods with fast customer delivery ensures higher client satisfaction and minimises your capital being tied up in stock. Here Are 5 Tips To Help You Find These Suppliers 1
  2. 2. Financial Security Solid Communication1 Your supplier needs solid financial stability to ensure 2 and Service product supply continuance. Your own customer service will hinge on your suppliers’ ability to provide feedback on supply and delivery. How proactive they are when you initially sign-up with them will be an indicator for the future. Pricing 3 You need to determine whether you’re only selling on the lowest price or a combination of low prices as well as service, reliability and quality. The lowest price can often indicate poor quality.© Hong Kong Limited - Finding The Right Supplier 2
  3. 3. Flexibility4 If you’re able to place frequent, small orders, your 5 Consistent Quality business is able to avoid tying up its money in too much Expectations will be high with your customers in receiving stock. quality goods and consistent quality as well, particularly given the scepticism with which consumers approach Can your supplier provide this flexibility as well as supply online shopping. speed? Keep in mind, your customers will associate poor quality with your business - not your supplier.Buying from a carefully researched group of suppliers will also bring other additional benefits to your business, such as: o Your importance to them will increase o It’s likely you’ll be able to get better deals so you’re able to gain an additional competitive edge on pricing About (HKSE: 1688.HK) is the global leader in e-commerce for small businesses and the flagship company of Alibaba Group. Founded in 1999, makes it easy for millions of buyers and suppliers around the world to do business online.© Hong Kong Limited - Finding The Right Supplier 3
  4. 4. Alibaba Australia’s Social Media Channels Facebook: Facebook has over 10 million active Australian users per month so becoming an active participant with the Alibaba Facebook Page will have benefits for any proactive business. The Alibaba Facebook Page boasts instant downloads of the Business Starter Kit for sourcing products and finding quality suppliers. You’re able to view videos, Alibaba Upcoming Events, member testimonials and exclusive promotions and event invites. LinkedIn: The LinkedIn Alibaba Group will connect like-minded members, provide a new stream of potential suppliers and foster stronger relationships with existing members. The Group allows members to expand into their professional LinkedIn network, using an already trusted global brand. Twitter: Get fast and instant facts from Alibaba, by following our Twitter profile alibaba_aus We’ll be ‘tweeting’ our own flavour of AliFacts with useful and helpful reminders for your Australian on-line experience in buying and supplying. Here’s a recent ‘tweet’ highlighting what a local Adelaide business is doing: “An Adelaide hair salon is using to grow its business & help cancer patients look & feel their best“ YouTube: The Alibaba Australia YouTube Video Channel is a growing member showcase of success stories and testimonials. To get a taste of the sort of member stories you could also be a part of, check out THIS VIDEO. Participating allows for expanding your market reach and to tell the world about your products and services. Alibaba Blog: The Alibaba AU Blog provides tips for the online trading beginner, setting up a successful online business, advice in finding the right products from the right suppliers for your business and information on how best to optimise your product line and process. Access the latest trends and products in Australia’s online trading industry by subscribing to the blog.Join Together For Greater SuccessAlibaba is firmly dedicated to rapid growth within the Australian market and, more importantly, our partnerships with Australian members.Like any strong and long-term business relationship, your success is our success.Please do check through each of the Alibaba Social Channels we have put together and join those that align to your business and personal objectives.Can We Spread Your Word Too?If you have a successful sourcing / business story to tell, we would love to hear from you via our Social Media Channels.We like to promote success stories via Testimonials, Press Releases and in general, our Social Media Channels – please do let us know your story. © Hong Kong Limited - Finding The Right Supplier 4