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About Me


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Published in: Automotive
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About Me

  1. 1. REXANNE SMITHCombining SEO and Social Media to Create Your Irresistible Brand Click to turn page
  2. 2. I began my career in the auto industry as a salesperson. Within a short amount of time, my talent and commitment to excellence became ABOUT ME evident and I was offered a position as Internet Sales Manager.I created a website for female car buyers where women could go to getinformation about the buying process, understand the rights as a buyer andto promote myself as a sympathetic advocate to an under representedSection of auto buyers. Iincreased my efforts by creating a YouTubechannel and posting video content regularly.I also used YouTube as a way to communicatewith prospective buyers Click to turn page
  3. 3. After working with various dealerships in North/Central Alabama with respect toInternet Sales, Social Media and Reputation Management, I accepted a positionas Regional Manager at, a company dedicated totraining, advertising and marketing for automotive dealerships and tire, lube andservice centers. By joining the AskPatty team I was able to continue my effortsin assisting and educating dealerships about the female car buyer, but on amuch larger scale.All of my experience and training in the automotive industry prepared me forwhat I love – Social Media and SEO. After leaving AskPatty I launched my ownbusiness to help dealers create a social media strategy that truly connects withtheir audience. I combine SEO analysis and Social Media to turn your onlinepresence into a powerhouse. Click to turn page
  4. 4. “In my time working with Rexanne, she has exhibited a keen knowledge of the automotive business and specifically how to Recommendations market to, sell to and retain the automotive buyer. Rexanne has been able to communicate her experience to all levels, from the OEM, to Owners, managers and to the front line staff, in a way that each level can relate to. Rexannes knowledge and passion has helped her succeed at every endeavor that has crossed her path.” - Mike Sadlock, Nissan Digital Marketing Consultant, The Cobalt Group“Rexanne Smith was a fantastic person to work with. Rexanne Smith is a well-educated, careful andinsightful person with a good sense of humor. Shows all the time an in-depth understanding of theimportance of women car buyers and how to meet their needs.” - Jody DeVere, CEO,“I have never met anyone in the car business with so much passion for success. Rexanne goes theextra mile to bring customer satisfaction to the next level. Her hunger for promoting awareness andher thirst for encouraging change is almost unheard of in this industry. Rexanne has an energizingpersonality that is contagious and inspiring.” – Kevin Dempsey, Nissan BEST Facilitator, PrecisionDynamics International Click to turn page
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  6. 6. I love to keep up-to-date on current trends and come up with innovative ways to reach out to customers.Video Library Click the pics below to view some of my videos then check out my YouTube Channel at Click to turn page
  7. 7. I am excited about helping your dealershipContact • Establish a full-scale social media presence • Engage your followers • Convert your community into loyal customers Dealerships that commit to a social media strategy will see a customer-centered awakening that will in turn increase your customer loyalty and profits. Rexanne Smith Work: (478) 227-2445 Cell: (205) 613-6547