distannce education


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distannce education

  1. 1. Distance Education and the Internet TECH4101Dr. Alaa SadikInstructional & Learning Technologies Departmentwww.alaasadik.netalaasadik@squ.edu.omComplete by-Said Al-Bloushi 83915
  2. 2. Distance Educationand the InternetTECH4101Lecture OneDefiningDistance Education Interactive Presentation
  3. 3. Defining Distance EducationWhat is distance education or distancelearning?DISTANCE EDUCATION:Education that takes place when the instructor andparticipant are separated by space and/or time. The gapbetween the two can be bridged through the use oftechnology - such as audio tapes, videoconferencing,satellite broadcasts and online technology - and/or moretraditional delivery methods, such as the postal service.
  4. 4. Defining Distance EducationWhat is distance education or distancelearning?Distance education, or distance learning,is a field of education that focuses on thepedagogy and andragogy, technology,and instructional systems design thataim to deliver education to students whoare not physically "on site".
  5. 5. Defining Distance EducationWhat is distance education or distance learning?It is the term used to expose the field of education where the instructor and the learner are separated by place and not necessarily by time. And the content of this type of education should be distributed using technology to reconnect the instructor with the student.
  6. 6. Defining Distance EducationWhat is distance education ordistance learning?A term that covers the various forms ofstudy at all levels which are not underthe continuous immediate supervision oftutors present with their students inlecture rooms or the same premises, butwhich, nevertheless, benefit from theplanning, guidance and tuition of atutorial organisation. (Holmberg,1977,p.9)
  7. 7. Defining Distance EducationWhat is distance education or distancelearning?****Distance education is defined as the Education thattakes place when the instructor and participant areseparated by space and/or time.****Distance learning allows individuals to participate incontinuing education activities.
  8. 8. Defining Distance EducationDistance education or distance learning?My point of view is that: there is distance education which contain both parts for instructor and learner or student and the student part could be called as distance learning. And I disagree with the view that says there is nothing approved as distance learning because already we have to principals which are “E-learning *** Blended learning “
  9. 9. Defining Distance EducationHistory of distance education and technology The earliest form of distance learning took placethrough correspondence courses in Europe. Thiswas the accepted norm until the middle of thiscentury, when instructional radio and televisionbecame popular and then followed by a variety ofmore advance technology.To more information click here
  10. 10. Defining Distance EducationHistory of distance education and technologyToday, each region has developed its own formof distance education in accordance with localresources, target audience, and philosophy ofthe organizations which provide the instruction.Students work on their own, with suppliedcourse materials, print-based media and postalcommunication, some form of teleconferencingand/or electronic networking, and learnersupport from tutors and mentors via telephoneor e-mail.To more information click here
  11. 11. Defining Distance EducationAt the end : we can conclude that distance education has started since earlier times but in different shape through the advancement of technology but still it focuses on the same idea of separating instructor and learner in place or and time and reconnect them through any useful technology.
  12. 12. The EndQuestions & Discussions