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searching & reporting earlier and recent definitions of de


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searching & reporting earlier and recent definitions of de

  1. 1. Distance Education and the Internet TECH4101Ali Omar Al-Manhali (90883) Dr. Alaa Sadik Instructional & Learning TechnologiesAbdullah () DepartmentMohamed ()
  2. 2. Distance Educationand the InternetTECH4101Lecture One (Week 2)DefiningDistance Education Interactive Presentation
  3. 3. Defining Distance EducationBackground:1. The Industrial Revolution in the 19th century (see Wikipedia) →2. Developments in various fields of technology (give examples) →3. Offered new solutions for delivering instruction →4. Learners’ interests (in what?) were enhanced →5. Increase in the subject areas offered by distance education →6. Became one of the formal means of education.
  4. 4. Defining Distance EducationUse Google to search for.....What is distance education or distancelearning?It is education that takes place when the instructor andparticipant are separated by space and/or time. The gapbetween the two can be bridged through the use oftechnology - such as audio tapes, videoconferencing,satellite broadcasts and online technology - and/or moretraditional delivery methods, such as the postal service.
  5. 5. Defining Distance EducationUse Wikipedia to find more info about....What is distance education or distancelearning?Distance education, or distance learning, is a fieldof education that focuses on the pedagogy andandragogy, technology, and instructional systemsdesign that aim to deliver education to studentswho are not physically "on site".
  6. 6. Defining Distance EducationDiscuss the definitions you found with your team...What is distance education or distance learning? It is a term that used to expose the field ofeducation where the instructor and the learner areseparated by place and not necessarily by time.And the content of this type of education shouldbe distributed using technology to reconnect theinstructor with the student.
  7. 7. Defining Distance EducationClarify the definitions using the information youfound in Wikipedia and other sites....What is distance education or distance learning? A term that covers the various forms of study atall levels which are not under the continuousimmediate supervision of tutors present with theirstudents in lecture rooms or the same premises,but which, nevertheless, benefit from the planning,guidance and tuition of a tutorial organisation.(Holmberg, 1977,p.9)
  8. 8. Defining Distance EducationWhat is distance education ordistance learning?Distance education is defined as …. Education that takesplace when the instructor and participant are separated by spaceand/or time.
  9. 9. Defining Distance EducationDistance education or distance learning?My point of view is that:Both concept are related to each other because distance education cover every things in learning process including, administrative dimension, instructional dimension, and management dimension while distance learning is interest only on instructional dimension. Therefore, it is better to use distance education rather than distance learning because it is more comprehensive than distance learning as a concept.
  10. 10. Defining Distance EducationHistory of distance education andtechnology (old technology)The earliest form of distance learningtook place through correspondencecourses in Europe. This was theaccepted norm until the middle of thiscentury, when instructional radio andtelevision became popular and thenfollowed by a variety of more advancetechnology.
  11. 11. Defining Distance EducationHistory of distance education and technology(modern technology)Today, each region has developed its ownform of distance education in accordance withlocal resources, target audience, andphilosophy of the organizations which providethe instruction. Students work on their own,with supplied course materials, print-basedmedia and postal communication, some formof teleconferencing and/or electronicnetworking, and learner support from tutorsand mentors via telephone or e-mail.
  12. 12. Defining Distance Education Time for Presentation
  13. 13. Defining Distance EducationIn conclusion, many key features characterize distance education:1. The separation of teacher and learner;2. The separation among learners;3. The use of one medium to deliver instruction;and4. The use of a communication channel tofacilitate interaction and support learners.
  14. 14. The EndQuestions & Discussions