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Some internet figures in vietnam


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Some internet figures in vietnam

  1. 1. Agenda Culture Internet figures in Vietnam Some prediction for Myanmar Internet
  2. 2. Culture Traditional clothes Ao dai (Vietnamese)○ Only women wear it nowadays. Men wearonly in some special occasions. Longyi (Burmese)○ Both men and women wear it.
  3. 3. Culture Trầu or Kun-ya Food Myanmar food: mohinga Vietnamese food: pho
  4. 4. Internet figures in Vietnam Internet: start from 1997
  5. 5. IT sectors Games industry Entertainment Internet and computer security Social network E-commerce
  6. 6. Internet figures in Vietnam:1997-2013 Some figures 54% of Vietnam’s population is under age 30 25% of Vietnam’s population is under age 15 66% use internet everydayVietnam Asia(average)Online videowatching90% 69%Internetpenetration34% 33%(global)Use social mediain purchasedecision81% 60%
  7. 7. Some big companies (1) BKAV Computer and Internet security Main products: antivirus and office software Subscription model:○ Free○ Premium and Entreprise package
  8. 8. Some big companies (2) Vinagames Start from 2005 Found by an overseas Vietnamese Main products:○ Online games○ Social network: Zing(the second largestnetwork in Vietnam)○ Media and advertising
  9. 9. Some big companies (3) FPT Main products:○ Internet and telecommunication○ Outsource software (one of key strength ofVietnamese IT industry) Partner with many American and JapaneseIT companies
  10. 10. Some internet figures: Myanmar Start: 2008
  11. 11. Myanmar(12-2011)
  12. 12. Myanmar Internet games industry +1000 internet café in Yangoon Entertainment Social network Facebook: 80% of netizens has account Blog: 10000+ blogs
  13. 13. Future Internet Technology inMyanmar Similar to what happened to Vietnam 5-10years ago. The main difficulty of Myanmar is thetelecommunication infrastructure. Ex:internet speed and bandwidth. Sectors: Games industry Entertainment Internet security Social network
  14. 14. Thank you (jay-su tin-ba-de) Reference: Wikipedia Speaker: Tran Trong Dan, a Vietnamese webdeveloper working in Singapore