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Building Relationship is a task of Entire Organization!!!


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How corporate office of parent company - IIHT had to intervene in order to establish corporate connections to fulfill the commitment of 100% placement assistance to Students.

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Building Relationship is a task of Entire Organization!!!

  1. 1. IIHT is a pioneering hardware and networking IT IMS training institute. It is India’s largest IT education organization and Asia’s leading technology training organization in IMS, offering high quality industry specific cost effective professional computer training at individual and corporate levels. Based out of Bangalore, India; IIHT has a strong presence in the Indian market with over 300 plus centres and its global presence envelops West Africa, East Africa, South Africa, China, Turkey, Malaysia, Middle East, Sri Lanka and other countries. Latest collaborations in Africa include countries such as Angola, Nigeria, Mozambique, Liberia, Togo, Kenya, Ivory Coast, DR Congo, Gambia and so on. IIHT is present through its esteemed franchises in Over 22 countries worldwide. IIHT is a preferred partner of Microsoft, Cisco, HP, Symantec, Redhat, Sun Microsystems, Net Apps, CompTia, CITRIX, VMware, EMC2 and many more IT majors around the world and has alliance with Sikkim Manipal University, one of the top Indian universities, to offer Degree to its IMS courses. IIHT has a strategic alliance with EDEXCEL, UK. EDEXCEL has recognized the 2 year IIHT diploma course as BTEC Higher National Diploma – IT IMS. In Partnership with Microsoft IIHT has also launched Cloud computing in 2011.
  2. 2. All set for the course to commence, the franchise, an educational institution, was still running behind on making strategic alliances with employers. A business critical need, commitment of 100% placement assistance at the end of the course was already made to the students.
  3. 3. A franchisee in Northern Africa set up the shop and was able to effectively promote and enroll to full capacity of the centre, for various courses with help of well defined mechanisms and instruction of its parent company. The customization of the courseware and the learning philosophy of the institute aided to great demand for the course. His passion for the development in education drove him to undertake extensive research and after analyzing many options, he zeroed in on a particular franchise. The franchise owner was very keen on providing employment to people from the locale. As a result trainers from India were appointed for a contract period by which they would train the trainers and other members before taking over.
  4. 4. The centre was all set to start the courses for the year when they realized that they had not yet established sufficient corporate relationships to ensure 100% placement assistance. The franchisee himself was a businessman with ample knowledge on IT majors in the country and he found his placement officer failing to build relationships with the corporate even when there were many vacancies that the graduates can fill-in in the companies. In the next three months the first batch of graduates would be out and it was essential for the franchise to have tie ups with employers. The placement officer was unable to build alliances with any of the IT majors or ITO’s of companies that could offer relevant positions. The Franchisee decided to replace him with a person who is more qualified and knowledgeable. With a new officer in place, a month later the franchise still had not met its target on building relationships for placements. With the situation out of hands, corporate office of parent company - IIHT had to intervene at this stage. As this would be the first year it is crucial for a franchise to build a good reputation with the students especially. The franchise welcomed this intervention.
  5. 5. The issues were discussed over mails, phone calls and information was exchanged. It was established that the new placement officer was in need of training. Further, one of the key details that came into light was that, the franchisee himself was not putting in any efforts to establish contacts even though he was from a strong business background as he was quite busy with many other processes. As this had to be rectified, the training was to ensure that all members at the centre would take it as a responsibility to provide assistance to placement officer at least in the beginning. As time passes by, the reputation by itself would serve the purpose. The parent company also decided to use this as an opportunity to bring all African franchises on the same platform. This would not only help in building relationships but also aid to learn from each other.
  6. 6. It was decided that the training will be broken into three phases: 1 – Training the Placement Officer 2 – Connecting Placement Officer, Franchise Owner and the Centre Manager 3 – ‘All Franchisee’s Meet’ to exchange Ideas
  7. 7. Training would be conducted through VOIP, by Placement Lead at the Head Quarters for a period of four days. Training would encompass instruction, presentations and activity based learning. With rigorous training, activities and targets the Placement Officer, was able to gauge all his roles and responsibilities. He was trained on setting realistic goals, building communication skills, tapping contacts from within and out of the centre, establishing and following up with relationships and also on extensive networking. He was expected to internalize what the brand offered and realize how a company would benefit by employing a graduate from the institution.
  8. 8. It was more importantly emphasized in this one day session that even though the placement officer is core to placing the students by research and commitment it would also be the responsibility of all, in the centre to provide leads to individual acting as Placement Officer. Any business relationship that could help in assisting students in finding a job would be a high priority contact and anybody in the centre could guide placement officer in building relationship that would aid to same.
  9. 9. A webinar presentation was set up by the Headquarters for The centers in Africa and Middle-East, where in presentation were made by each representative on SWOT of the centre, covering student preferences and placement assistance at large. An interactive session lasting for 6 hours gave space for brainstorming, constructive feedback and exchange of ideas. Mostly exchanging views on what could work best in local regions and how it worked out for well established counterparts.
  10. 10. Such training and deliberate involvement of various franchisees and other key personnel in training helped in comprehension of individual responsibilities of each person for any given job at the centre. Hence the placement officer not only was able to devise his own plan, set targets and achieve them but also received continuous support from his senior colleagues. The parent company was providing continuous support to the franchise. The centre is now running for over a year and has over 800 students who have graduated and have joined at various positions in leading companies of the nation. The institute has tie ups with leading telecom enterprises such as Airtel and MTN group, Allied Technologies, IBM, Mass Builds, Samsung and many such prominent players in the respective industries of the nation and the surrounding nations.
  11. 11. The franchise, a visionary himself is now expanding by setting up more franchises in the region and has also been successful in synergizing with an eminent university in the nation.
  12. 12. The goodwill is not only because IIHT provides skilled manpower in the areas of hardware, networking, database management, security and storage management but also because the students are taught the latest technology advancements in the industry. This is coupled with hands-on lab sessions where in the students get exposed to simulation with live situations of day to day operations in organizations. This equips the students to proactively act to situations and implement the best possible solution befitting the situation once on job. Further the curriculum is customized based on relevance of current trends and expectations of businesses, which is endorsed by our many partners and many more IT majors from around the world. IIHT’s brand repute is built over its’ years of excellence in service, delivering high quality training on cutting edge technologies. IIHT envisions of becoming a globally accepted and acknowledged end-to- end IT education and training solutions provider. As a testimonial, IIHT is now catering to renowned IT majors and Fortune 100 companies for their manpower requirements; IIHT showcases 40% annual CAGR; and our franchise partners are spread across the world.
  13. 13. Corporate Headquarters #15,Sri Lakshmi Complex, 4th Floor, St. Marks Road, Bangalore - 560 001. India Tel: 91 80 6160 4545 e-mail: web: