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Marketing: Loyalty Cards Presentation

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Marketing: Loyalty Cards Presentation

  1. 1. 1. Loyalty Program 2. Revamp the Retail Business 3. Loyalty Program Design 4. Benefits of the Program 5. Deals and Negotiations
  2. 2.  It is an initiative to reward and incentivize loyal customers that seem to be viable in the future  A loyalty card is similar to a credit card that identifies the card holder as the member in a loyalty program  By using this card, the buyer can either avail a discount on the current purchase or an allotment of points. For instance, 2 points for purchase of PKR 100. 2 points= PKR 1. Points will be redeemable and cash back system can be availed  Customers spend on multiple brands and receive rewards in exchange
  3. 3.  Be a brand. Let customers acknowledge your brand and not take your product for usage purpose only. Online business is required  Write-ups about your products. Currently, people like to be informative about their products. Give them the opportunity to understand you better  Online delivery system is highly preferred. Don’t let location be a barrier in achieving your goal  Start executing good promotions like events or follow up with social media marketing. ATL(Above the line) and BTL (Below the line) activities need to be effective so as to achieve productivity.  People in Pakistan like to be associated with something that has got association with international brands
  4. 4. A loyalty program is meant to have the following components;  Merchant (the one who is rendering a loyalty program)  Customer (the end user or beneficiary of the loyalty program)  Loyalty Management System (the system that will manage the loyalty points issuance and consumption, etc.)  Financial System (the supportive financial system that manages the payment mechanisms together and co-ordinates payment made by the customer to the merchant by crediting the loyalty management system).
  5. 5.  Retain existing customers  Increased Customer Life Value  Build personal relationships  Create Brand awareness  An opportunity to differentiate your business  Get customer insight into comprehensive reports  Know your best customers  Engage repeat sales with targeted marketing and Promotions  Social Media awareness and affiliation with our apps  Enhancement in sales, brand campaigning and maximum involvement  Boost your reputation  It makes your customers more happy  An opportunity to provide In-store or Digital rewards
  7. 7.  We will provide you an online website and some others tools to help you boost your sales and market value. The top 5 retailers to join us will have to pay 0% commission for the initial 6 months  If you want to join us, then it is suggested to have a meeting for forthcoming procedures  Our preparation is complete in terms of hiring the right people and system management. A team of 15 people is there to manage the loyalty program and merely it is just we need your co-operation  We’ll have a software installed in your computers where there would be an integrated system. All the transactions done through loyalty cards will be automatically updated into our system. Live statistics will be displayed, and subsequently reports will be generated for information purpose
  8. 8.  We make sure that you get the most out of this, for this concern we are also ready to facilitate/entertain retailers who already have loyalty programs  Our goal is to create an integrated system where customers can spend on multiple brands and they don’t have to worry about carrying multiple loyalty cards  This PowerPoint presentation is just the beginning of the process. Other details about program launch/ implementation will be shared when we receive a formal agreement of interest
  9. 9. THANK YOU