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Emonte's BTL Activity


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Emonte's onground activation for the launch of its two life style luxury products.

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Emonte's BTL Activity

  1. 1. Presents CASE STUDY OF SHOW DETAILS PEN WORLD, 18-23rd Sept 2011 Booth Size : 210 Sq Mt. Nehru Centre , I
  2. 2. 1.About Company: Émonte is India’s leading luxury writing Instrument Company; it presents some of the leading and exquisite brands from across the world. Émonte derived from a French word Amont meaning upstream that signifies moving ahead. Émonte brings a collection of unique pens; manufactured using superior quality German Technology. Émonte launched it’s home brand whilst representing the Italian brand “Visconti” at the Pen World 2011 Exhibition.2 . Aim / Measurable objectives: - Launch two life style luxury products targeting premium and luxury segment, the perceived value of each brand differs in terms of its offerings and also its target groups. - The brand positioning has to be noticeably distinct; combining the Brand Image and Brand Action to provide a 3 Dimensional Brand experience.3. Strategic Insights: Translate the sum total of the In components of Exhibit Design Personality of an Organization Form, Scale, Geometry Brand positioning Material Usage, Color Brand image Texture, Illumination Core brand values Graphic element. Corporate vision Core offering To work on this Insta had to understand the brand personality of both brands in detail: VISCONTI - High-end & Flamboyant, Richness and extreme elegance is the key to this brand. EMONTE - Caters premium brand to the masses – Young and energetic look and feel needs to be highlighted in the space. Focus is the quality of product which is engineered with style. I
  3. 3. 4. Design Conceptualization: Three booths were constructed in a curve form to create a grand Emonte pavilion EMONTE VISCONTI EMONTE This booth was used for The most high-end Italian brand which had to grab maximum This booth was used for product display client briefing and attention thus placed in middle attending to queries - Extremely luxurious & - Straight lines, white elite- Colorful, vibrant and young. flamboyant. finish- Use of curvilinear design-to - Hosting the best in the world. - No nonsense approach, depicts flexibility that where function drives adapts to the current trend. - Use of few colors & inclusion form. of precious metallic hues of- Inviting and warm. gold, silver or crystals - Minimalistic and- Dynamic, trendy & on the classy look using - The place will be domineering move. fewer colors. and immaculate with lots of- Smart, could be hi-tech & attention to detail. extremely interactive. - The place will talk of status & will give an initial feeling of intimidating a person before entry. I
  4. 4. 5. Execution:- Built up of whole pavilion took consecutive 3 days and 3 nights.- Two teams worked on the extensive set-up with much needed detailing.- High security of the display products was also the team’s responsibility. I
  5. 5. 6. Client Feedback:“Pen World Exhibition was an important event for Émonte, especially since it proved to be alaunchpad for Émontes premium collection, besides representing Visconti. Instascontribution, cannot be overlooked, with the fact that it enabled Émontes grand entry into,what we literally can term "The Pen World"!. Apart from the tastefully done interiors for theexhibition pavilion, we also were pleased to have a team at Insta - creatively rich and everenthusiastic, to support our business requirements. A special vote of thanks to Team Insta forexcellently bringing to reality what we at Émonte had envisioned”7. Award for Best designed booth:Emonte pavilion at Pen World 2011 won the award for best designed booth by Dr. ManoharJoshi, making it a delightful ending for both Emonte and Insta****************************************************************************
  6. 6. C S S UD E A E T IS